What to Wear?

We’ve finally made a decision about where we’re going on holiday and it’s…


I think we’re more excited than Miss L. She’s been to Disneyland Paris, so has an idea of what to expect but it’s nothing like the extravaganza that is Walt Disney World Florida.  I love Disney World and it’s nice to be able to take Miss L at the same age I had my first trip there.  In fact the first time I went Epcot had only just opened, showing my age now!.

So we’ve chosen a resort thanks to the ever wonderful Tripadvisor, I’ll call the kennel tomorrow to book Betty in and I’m booking flights next week.  Everything is arranged except for one thing which I’d not even considered….what on earth am I going to wear?

I was all prepared – jeans, t-shirts, merrills and fleeces – for Canada. But I don’t think that is going to work for Florida in July where it’ll be in the 90’s.  We’ve not been on a holiday where somewhere hot since our honeymoon and that was Orlando in May.  The UK hasn’t had a proper summer in years, so all my summer clothes have been either donated to charity/worn out/don’t fit!

First off I think I need to lose some weight as we’ll be doing a lot of hanging out poolside and I’ve not been near a pool in years, which is a bit scary.   I have 10 weeks to lose 14lb which is needed and seems a reasonable amount of time to do it in… she says finishing off an easter egg! At least then some of my old summer clothes should then fit!.  But I’ve had a surf this afternoon and I think that some of these pieces will make up my capsule travel wardrobe.


Throw in some vest tops, a sunhat, a linen top and a gallon of sunscreen and that’s my packing done

Right off now to get some more ideas of what to do when we’re there, I’ve just seen on the Nasa site that there is a launch of the new generation spaceships in July. The geek family is very happy!

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  1. We are also off to Walt Disney World on 4th July, I think it will be hot! hot! hot! There is much to do and cannot wait to see the children’s faces, we have booked to visit Cinderella’s castle for dinner already. Have fun, the clothes look lovely! Trying to lose 7lb and have 10 weeks and 5 days to go!

  2. You will have such a wonderful time. I grew up near Disneyland in California then worked as an Imagineer at Disney designing their stores for the park Disney California Adventure. Was really fun.
    Enjoy the sun and the park

  3. Melanie – We’ll be there at the same time! I didn’t know you could book up that far in advance for the Cinderella castle dinners. Right I’ll on the phone this week booking that. I can’t wait to see Lily’s face either, I think I might need a bigger memory stick for my camera.

    Callie – You were an imagineer?!?! OMG! That’s such a cool job, glad to hear it was so fun 🙂

  4. It will be super humid and hot. Bring something to control your hair do. I don’t know about you but my hair expands about 10x’s in the humidity, like Monica in Friends (if you watch Friends reruns) 😉

  5. Janet – I’m ok hair wise and humidity…Lily however LOL! Who knows how big and bad it’ll get I suspect Monica proportions 🙂
    Teresa – thank you, I can’t wait to get there
    Tina – I know – heat, can you imagine??

  6. YAY!! Loving your outfits – especially in the Disney font! Yep – it’s going to be ridiculously hot in July!! Lots of VERY cool clothes and comfy sandals!
    I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! My first trip to Disney was when I was four, and all that I can remember is loving the Dumbo ride and being scared on Space Mountain!
    ~angela @ peonypatch