Hooked on Holiday Planning

Miss L on the beach July Vancouver 2008

Julia at Hooked on Houses is hooked on Beach Houses this week, which made me think about summer holidays.   Then I realised it’s only 10 weeks until we are due to go on holiday and I’ve done nothing about it.  Getting Betty into the excellent kennels is a must, so I thought it was time to get on with it!  I remember back in my 20’s, I’d see something on the Tuesday before, pursuade a friend and on Saturday we’d be flying off to somewhere exotic..not anymore!

Originally the idea was to hit Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and the Maritime Atlantic Coast and do a roadtrip over 14 days of the area to check it for emigrating to.  We did Vancouver last year and loved it, but I thought it was prudent to check out the East Coast too.  But practically, can you really see a 6 year old sitting in a car for 3-5 hour a day?  I don’t think it’s fair really, it’s her holiday too and all we’ll be doing is driving – hardly thrilling.  We could of course stay in Toronto for a week and then maybe fly to Halifax and do a week there? But it starts getting expensive the more flights you add.

So then the old chesnut popped up ‘Well we could go to Disney’… bit of a parental cop out, but how cool would it be to go with a 6 year old?.  The first time I went I was 6 and I believed it all, it’s still one of my most magical holiday ever.  But it would be mine and Paul’s 3rd trip in 7 years there.  Poor old Miss L’s never gotten to go as we went for our honeymoon and a friend’s wedding!.

Then the conversation turned to … ‘well we could go back to Vancouver and talk to recruitment agents, real estate agents etc’ and still have a holiday.  But if we go I think we should stay somewhere we’re more likely to live than on the beach which is oh so tempting….and we’re back to square one!

We only have enough money to do one big holiday and now I have no idea where to go?  I priced them all and they are within about £300 of each other – maybe I should just pop the names in a hat and pull them out? Argh! 🙂

Where are you going on holiday this summer, please give me some inspiration x

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  1. I haven’t taken my Lily to Disney yet, either. She’s actually saving up for it in her piggy bank. She counted her pennies the other day and declared that we have enough to go now! Bless her heart. One of these days… 🙂

  2. We’re going to Washington and New York, but this doeasn’t help you with Canada. A road trip, with lots of stops sounds fun, and if you’re moving out there it makes sense to explore.

  3. How about the East coast road trip thing in a camper van. Six year old could sleep in the van, what an adventure.

    Never been to Disney, but it is on the agenda for the 6-10 years.

  4. Well, I cannot help you with your Canada plans! We are going on a cruise in the Caribbean next month. I’m going to start counting down the days on Monday! I’ve never been to the Caribbean, and I’ve never been on a cruise! This could get interesting.
    ~angela @ peonypatch

  5. It sounds like you’re all going to have wonderful holidays, thanks for sharing! We’ve finally made a decision and it’s…….DISNEY!! We’ve decided that Vancouver is the place to live if we’re going to do it. So we might as well have a proper holiday and relax. I cant wait 🙂

  6. I’m leaving on a week-long holiday Friday morning and I haven’t so much as done the laundry!! I am in BIG TROUBLE. 🙂

    We’re going on a bit of a whirlwind American Adventure…New Orleans, Las Vegas and the Grnad Canyon…and the best part is (aside from not having to work for a week 🙂 that we got our air tickets and hotels rooms from cashing in miles. Yay!!

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