Small Space Entertaining

I love having people to come and stay.  When I moved 100 miles away from friends and family having somewhere for them to stay was very important to me (and will be more so when we move to Canada!).  But we have a small problem, we don’t have a spare room.   We have a 3 bedroom house, but there are only 2 usable bedrooms. Apparently in the 1930’s people were tiny and you could get them into a 6.5ft x 5.5ft which narrows to 3ft space, which is the size of our third bedroom!  Obviously it was a nursery room, but even when Miss L was a baby there wasn’t much I could get in there other than the cot so now it’s Paul’s office.

So what to do?

Originally I decided that a sofa bed would be perfect and as we were buying new sofas it seemed an ideal time to get one. It wasn’t much more than the ordinary sofa, and let’s face it much easier than trying to build your own sofa bed which I’d seen ideas for on the web, something I’d not recommend!   I’d heard that the new sofa bed’s had come on a long way, softer mattresses, easier to store and when we got it had they ever! It folds out of the base and is up in literally seconds and is off the floor on legs which is  much better than blowup mattresses which we’d been using before. It’s really comfortable to sleep on and ideal for guests who are staying one or two nights.


However now we have friends with babies, friends coming for more extended periods from the US, and more than one group staying over at once.  I’ve had to expand my accommodations and luckily I have a very understanding daughter!  I’ve put a double bed in Miss L’s room, which means we can have people stay in there and on the sofa bed while she sleeps either on the chaise in our room or on the blowup bed which she thinks is like camping.  So it’s a win, win situation.  I get more visitors and Miss L gets to pretend to camp – everyone is happy!

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  1. sounds like a great idea- I know it can get tricky with sleeping accommodations – I I have 18 people planned to stay at our place this weekend- all my kids and their kids- It’s going to be so crazy but fun.
    Happy Day

  2. Teresa – 18 people?!?! Oh my gosh – have a wonderful time, it sounds like fun 🙂

    Mrs Limestone – apparently some people do make their own sofa beds – I agree totally bizzare!