Happy Easter!


I hope you’re all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend?. We’ve had a great time, seen some lovely friends and their supercute baby and today we went for our annual Easter Egg hunt at my parents.  Miss L ran around the garden finding a selection of chocolate bunnies and eggs.  She’s kindly sharing with her mummy – well she has to, no child can eat that much chocolate!.


Afterwards we had a BBQ and while Paul was cooking it, I decided to take some shots of my Mum’s spring flowers.  I saw these gorgeous photos on Mirror, Mirror this morning and belatedly remembered that my camera has a macro lens!  I’m so glad I took them, I’m really pleased with the results. (My Mum has insisted on me telling you that these flowers are all from her garden and not mine – LOL!)

I’m going to have a play around with the images tonight on photoshop and see if I can get them to ‘pop’ a bit more. And then I’m going to have these made into Moo cards for Mum and then she can send them to friends and family as she still uses snail mail.  I think they will make a nice present as they are pictures of her garden.

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  1. wonderful images!
    they would make lovely cards.
    Lily looks like she is having so much fun. I remember the days of egg hunting and searching for the chocolate bunnies.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! When I was little, I remember making people hide eggs so I could find them until they hated easter eggs! LOL – I had a blast finding them though!! Happy (belated) Easter to you!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful Easter! It’s never as fun as it is when you’re a kid–or, I imagine, when you’re an adult watching your little one have such a blast hunting for eggs!

  4. How lovely! You could even hole punch the moo cards at the top and thread pretty coloured ribbon through to make bookmarks.

    I love the photos by the way ,was in the garden taking flower photos myself on Saturday. The Daffodills are beautiful this year, so bright and fragrant.

    Happy Easter Liz

    Carol x

  5. The flower photos are a STUNNER! I totally agree about the one that looks as if tehre’s a diamond perched in the petals…how fabulous! The cards will make a great gift for your mom…art created from her own garden.

    It’s still been so cold and dreary here that I’m starting to wonder if the garden will ever look like anything other than BLAH! this year.