Does the Daily Mail have an online editor?

Occasionally, I find myself at the Daily Mail website I hate myself for it but it’s just so funny to read! (For US readers, The Mail newspaper still thinks that Britain has an empire and all middle class people should be afraid of…. well everything!)

Today they have a corker and it really did make me wonder if they have any kind of online editing?  Check the headlines of the ‘women’s’ section or should that be the extreme dieting/eating section??.


Is it me?

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  1. wow, that is so exciting to be listed as #37 in the top 100 bloggers in the UK. i am amazed. congrats to you! your blog sure is a fun one. i have to say… i agree with them. MOMMY bloggers are wonderful to read about. they always have the best stories as well, right? 🙂

  2. I’m also a sneaky Mail Online reader, I love it’s po-faced gossip pages. For some reason, I always get my Ferns mixed up, if only the editor had and put Fern Britton on there it would have been the most perfect piece – ha ha ha! Happy Easter x