Don’t you love being a Mum?


I’ve been tagged by the lovely Susanna over at A Modern Mother

To explain to those that have no idea what I’m talking about it’s like a game of “tag” — another blogger makes you “it” and you need to tag someone else. This one is about the five reasons why you love motherhood, so here goes.

1.  Morning cuddles.

Every morning without fail there is a small person snuggled up next to me when I wake.

2. Notes and love letters.

My girl can now write and leaves me messages and notes tell me how much she loves me blu tacked around the house.  When she’s in trouble I get a card or apology note.  Usually mis-spelt but the sentiment shines through.

3.  Kindness.  Whenever I shout at the dog for barking I get

‘Betty is a living thing too, mummy.  She’s just asking for food/chews/sausage rolls’

4.  Questioning everything

She asks more questions than anyone I’ve ever met.  I can give her an answer or go to Google and then she’ll come up with something else and they are always intelligent.  My favourite so far is ‘How do you weigh a mountain?’

5.  My favourite phrase ever when I get cross

‘But Mummy, you can’t live without cuddles and love’

and you know what, she’s right!  Instantly she’s forgiven 😉

I’m a bit rubbish at tagging so if you’d like to join in I’d love to read your replies.  Let me know if you’ve joined in x

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  1. Sweet post! I’m not a mom, but my husband found it unusual – he got home from work about 11pm last night, and found my cat completely inside the bed sleeping with me. I love my baby – Kiddy.
    ~angela @ peonypatch

  2. I’m right there with you on all of those- and they are truly missed when the children are grown and gone from home- Thanks for sharing- brought back memories.

  3. i have been reading back through my blog and reading comments and i couldn’t remember if i had thanked you for the comment you left for me back in december. i wanted to thank you for your kind words and tell you how grateful i am. you have a beautiful blog… SO beautiful.

    thank you again.

    leslie *