Somewhere safe..

So you remember that beautifully tidy children’s room I created a few months back?

Well this morning I couldn’t see the floor again for teddies, the cubbies were over-flowing and all the books seems to piled up next to her bed again.  Also she seems to not be going to school, but working a sweatshop creating pieces of random pottery, pictures and art made from toilet rolls!  I swear she’s bought home more from school than ever before.

We have friends coming to stay with their cute baby for Easter and I’d like the room to look half way decent for them to stay in. I don’t think they will want their baby inhaling all the glitter that’s in Miss L’s room.  So we had a clear out, put away all the school made bits she wanted to keep in pink plastic boxes and then popped them on top of the white cube unit.

In having a turn out, Miss L found her Nintendo and wanted to play with it.  Fair enough but it was flat, so I looked round the room for the charger.  Miss L told me that I’d told her off for leaving it out about 3 weeks ago (sounds like me!) and I’d


I have hunted high and low and can I find it? Can I heck!

But in my hunting I have found my camera charger, that was previously put somewhere safe about 3 months ago  – LOL!   So now I have a VERY smug daughter and I have to go and buy a new charger, knowing full well the old one will turn up at some point…

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  1. aww…thx for thinking of us….am sure Loola wont mind the glitter, she lurves shiny things!
    You know you will find the charger in a place where you have already checked about 3 times…good luck hunting for it

  2. Fluz!! Can’t wait to see you guys 🙂 Loola can play with all the shinies she likes, Lily will happily share. See you Friday xx

  3. Hahaha, we had the exact same problem but with the Gameboy charger. It finally showed up in the bin with the Wii games and accessories. It will turn up. Have a lovely weekend.