Hooked on Porches

It’s Hooked on Friday’s over at Julia’s and I’ve not done one for a while, so here’s my current ‘Hooked on’

One of the many things I look forward to about living in Canada is having a house with a porch (well at least one day!). No, not a UK porch which is generally tacked on to the front of a house and only large enough to store wellington boots and umbrellas. I mean an actual, honest to goodness Scarlett O’Hara porch with comfortable chairs, somewhere to eat and enjoy the view.

For some reason British houses don’t ever seem to have porches.  They would be ideal in our climate which is similar to that of parts of Canada and America, but they just don’t exist.  I’m hoping they become a trend here on day.


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  1. I love porches also- would love to have one like the last photo.
    We don’t have a porch either- but do have a large back patio- that we enjoy, most summer meals are eaten out there.
    Thanks for sharing. and best wishes in your dream for a porch =)

  2. I am almost embarrassed to say this, but I have three big porches – two of which are still pretty much empty….BUT (and this a BIG BUT!), I just haven’t the $$ to do them up yet, and the yard sales I have been to haven’t produced any good secondhand items yet! Maybe this spring/summer I’ll be able to find some things! I suppose it would also helped if I shopped more, but I do not shop very often – therefore, I do not find the sales!
    I do have one rocker out front and love to sit out there and read! Our street is pretty quiet.
    ~angela @ peonypatch

  3. That is one thing that I would absolutely love to have. To sit and relax and watch….ahhhh. It sounds so relaxing. Happy Friday.

  4. Gorgeous! All of them 🙂

    We have a screened in porch, but it’s filled with old carpet right now from reno, but we do plan on having it ready to eat in for future summer nights.


  5. Miss the big porches of my childhood in New England. Unfortunately that American trend isn’t everywhere, even in America. In the west coast the style is rare.

    Porches are more than architecture they are the way a community connects and engages in one another’s life. They should be EVERYWHERE! Great thing to be hooked on…

  6. Porches are marvelous! We are lucky to have had one in our last home, and now an even bigger one at That Old House, our current home.

    Last June, we hosted 80 people for my daughter’s college graduation party, and our outdoor party turned indoors when the heavens opened and poured rain. Some 2 dozen guests found refuge and comfort on our front porch, out of the weather and enjoying the splash of water off the roofs.

    I hope you do indeed get that house with the porch — it’s a wonderful bit of welcoming architecture!


  7. those are great porches. there’s really something about porches on white houses, isn’t there? Mine is brick and I love it, but it’s not the same as a big porch on a white frame house.

  8. I would love one, too. Our next door neighbours actually have one, a bit like your first picture. It’s gorgeous, though they spend a lot more time out the back – they also have a wonderful and huge garden, with lovely nooks and crannies throughout. So very jealous.

  9. One day I will have a big beautiful porch, with a few rocking chairs a table with a large vase of fresh flowers and a glass of lemonade.

    Loved your photos.

  10. My childhood house in Canada (til I turned 7) had a large veranda – Porch-like but with the added benefit of mosquito netted windows all around.

    We’d eat, sleep and watch thunderstorms out there. Sleeping there on warm Summer nights was the best compromise; parents didn’t have to supervise us camping, yet we felt we were outside!

    Mmm I do miss it too!