Small Space Recycling

We try and recycle as much as we can, but we are hampered by having a tiny kitchen, no garage or dry outside area to put it all in.   The council doesn’t provide wheelie bins, just a paper bag for green waste, and a black bin for paper.  Bizzarely they like us to use carrier bags to put our bottles in!   Despite going to the recycling and an every other week collection we still seem to generate a lot.  And it’s getting really hard to keep it all without it getting smelly or messy, so I’ve been investigating stylish ways to store and hide the waste.

I love the idea above, but there are too many bins and I can just about get one of those in our wee kitchen, let alone three. I had a look online at small storage sheds but they are generally about £200 which seems a bit expensive for storing some recycling. But I carried on looking for ideas and was delighted to stumble across this when I was surfing the other day.

How to make your own recycle center, it looks really simple and cheap to do.  So come the Easter Holidays we might have to give this a go.

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Sunday Link Love

I’m really not sure where this last week’s gone?  It seems to have flown by with Miss L’s birthday on Wednesday and her party Saturday.  Paul and I set up our own Software/Internet Consulting company on Friday which is very exciting, but has involved a ton of paperwork and meetings with the bank etc.  I’ll let you know more about it when I’ve written the website!

But I have to confess I’ve probably spent more time on Twitter than is reasonable, but there are some great conversations and link sharing over there!  The highlight for me was last night, when I was ‘followed’ by India Knight the writer and Times columnist (one of my heros!) who said she liked my blog – I’m thinking of getting the tweet framed!

So the upshot is that I’ve not had my usual amount of blogging time, either reading or writing.  However as it’s a rainy afternoon here I’ve just endevoured to catch up and here are my favourites of this past week.  I do add a lot to my TUMBLR account during the week when I spot something I like, so there’s tons on there if you’re ever bored.

But here’s this week’s picks.

I was ‘followed’ on Twitter last night, by Ben Palmer (@jessicastrust) who lost his 34 year old wife Jessica to Childbed Fever in 2004.  Yes you read that right, he lost his wife to something that should have been wiped out in the mid 20th Century at very latest.   Read their story here and sign the No10 Petition here

Day Lab DIY has a fabulous kitchen cabinet painting makeover, which I really wish I’d read before I screwed up our kitchen cabinets…oops!

Amanda Soule, has a new book ‘Handmade Home’ coming out in August hurrah!  The Creative Family her first book which came out last year is brilliant and so useful when you have long school holidays to entertain your children in.  I wish I’d had it when Miss L was little as there are some lovely ideas for very small children in there.

The summer Ikea preview from Apartment Therapy…garden furniture from Ikea sounds like a very good idea to me.

How to make what looks like a pretty amazing New York Style Cheesecake at Little Window Shoppe

Carrots and Kids is one of my favourite new blog finds, she has some wonderful ideas for gardening with your children and in your own patch.

A Modern Mother on something that happens to all us Mummy’s and it made me laugh

Posy spotted the same gorgeous shabby chic article I did about the people who run Vintage Home – I’d like their house please and all those cool Union Jack cushions please!

Design Sponge has a great before and after using Ikea, it’s such a pretty apartment.  I’m borrowing the kitchen open shelves idea.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Homesense finally opened in Cambridge yesterday – hurrah!  It’s the sister shop of TX Maxx and only sells home items.  I’ve been saving my birthday money for the opening and I couldn’t get there for the grand opening as I was at work yesterday, so you can imagine I was a little impatient to get there today.   We headed there mid morning, despite my whinging that I had to get there as soon as it opened and it was a really pleasant surprise.  The store is really well laid out, less jumble sale like than TK Maxx and beautifully decorated and my do they have some bargains! And also what Credit Crunch the store was packed and people weren’t just looking they were buying – a lot!

There is some great garden items for the summer which I looked at, but lacking any storage I didn’t go for any of the cool laterns that caught my eye.  The cushion section is fab and when we stop arguing about if the main colour should be blue or green then I’ll buy some 🙂

I picked this David Austin Rose book up for my Mum’s birthday (she never reads the blog so I’m ok sharing it with you)

But upstairs….oh my……


They had bedding including the discontinued classic rose (which I’ve spent 18 months trying to get on ebay) and summer blossom duvets, and I had a moment which rarely happens anymore where I couldn’t decide and so I bought both.  I have a little shoppers remorse, but not a lot as they were reduced from £80 to £24.  I might have also popped in the matching rose pillowcases.

There was also cute melamine plates, so I bought one for Miss L.  A plastic jug, which will be fabulous with Pimms or cocktails in when we have summer BBQ’s.  So all in all I bought what would have been I worked out £245.00 of goodies for £70 – now that is what I call a bargain and I will certainly be going back.

I’ve waited for years to get this on our bed and lucky for me I have a very understanding huband!  I’m going to be a very happy girl when I snuggle up in bed tonight.

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Group B Strep

When it comes to Miss L’s birthday I’m always a little melancholy.  I love celebrating her birthday and seeing her joy, but I also get horrific flashbacks to giving birth to her and the aftermath.  I probably should get some help, but it always feels to me like I’m being bit of a drama queen about it, stiff upper lip and all that.

So I’m hoping that writing about it his year will make it go away a bit?  So forgive me for whittering on, this will be a long post. I’ll fast forward through the labour 27 hours, 2 bottles of gas and air, 3 epidural’s, an emergency c-section and a bleed out and onto the worst bit.


My beautiful little girl was infected with a Group B Strep infection.

She wasn’t feeding that well and was making a weird snorting noise, to be honest being a first time mum I was more than a little clueless.  I’d seen a baby once from a distance, but that was about the extent of my experience.  I mentioned it to the nursing staff but they said it was ok, newborns feeding badly isn’t exactly unusual so I left it.  However by the time she was 30 hours old I needed some sleep, I’d been awake for 3 days at that point and close to utter collapse.  Thanks goodness I did, they took her from me and for the first time noticed something was wrong when they tried to feed her and she was rushed to the Special Care Baby Unit.

I’m forever thankful that as I’d had the labour from hell and was still in the hospital, if we’d gone home I think she’d have died because it was such a quick decline.  It turns out that if you have your waters broken and then are left in labour for over 24 hours, the baby can contract it.  The other way to get it is if you are a carrier as one in four women are and there is a test for it, but under the NHS it’s a bit hit or miss if you get it.  Ironically I’d actually had the test and tested negative the midwife told me later!

However I didn’t have a clue what Group B Strep was when I was woken in the middle of the night, by a doctor telling me that my baby needed a spinal tap as she had Group B and possibly meningitis, and did I have anyone who could be with me ‘in case of the worst’.   By the time I arrived in Special Care Unit (as quickly as I could shuffle down the corridor) I was welcomed by a really lovely nurse who sat me down and gave me a Polaroid picture of my daughter wired up to every conceivable piece of medical equipment.  When I asked why she explained they took pictures to give the mother something to ‘remember their child by’….at this point it sank in, my baby was probably going to die.  We’d already lost one baby through miscarriage and I refused to lose another who’d been perfectly healthy at birth and had caught an infection, you can imagine how I felt when I found out it was from me.

Thank God she’s a great little fighter, and she had excellent care by a very experienced group of medics and she pulled through to be the sassy little bright button she is today.  But it was needless, it shouldn’t have happened.   In the UK 700 babies are affected a year of whom 75 don’t make it and about 40 have serious long term problems such as blindness, deafness,  brain damage and long term learning difficulties. In the US that goes up to 8,000 babies a year and nearly 400 die. I think that this is totally unacceptable, and that women should be educated about the dangers. It wasn’t in any of the pre-birth courses I did and not really mentioned in any pregnancy magazines.

Here are some resources, please, please tell your pregnant friends I’d hate for anyone to go through what we did.

For more information go to

Sign the Petition on the Number 10 website (closes 11th March) asking for pregnant women to be screened

International Readers – Group B site

We were lucky,  but I realise it was more down to chance and still being in the hospital than anything else, it could have all ended differently and every day I’m thankful it wasn’t.

Thanks for listening, I’m feeling a bit better for getting it out of my system x

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Spring is here

Spring is here!

We spent the weekend at my parents building a summer house which is their 40th Wedding Anniversary present to each other.  It’s going to look fabulous when it’s finished and I’m very envious!  My Mum, has bless her entrusted to me the sewing of the cushions…I’d better learn to thread that new sewing machine of mine!

Here’s the building in progress and the pretty bulbs which are just pushing through


I really need to get out into my garden this coming week and get working before it all starts growing like mad.

Here’s my to-do job list for the garden

Plant my new Roses, Dahlia’s, Potatos and Lillies

Weed a lot!

Clear Doggy Poop that might be hiding – ick!

Fertilize and Mulch

Weed some more…

What I have to remember everytime, when I’m digging out a flower bed and weeding for what seems like forever is that I eventually get rewarded.  This is the image I have to keep in my head.


If you’d like to see some other Spring posts, check out The Inspired Room where there is a Link Party this week  I can’t wait to see some spring colours and sun.

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