Monday Quickie

This made me feel all spring like this morning.

It’s Day One of the Easter School Holidays and we’ve so far had a really nice time (not one argument!) and we’re off to see my Mum tonight as it’s her birthday tomorrow.  I hope she likes the David Austin book we got her, I’ve also thrown in the new Bond film – Daniel Craig is always nice to get for your birthday in my book!

Miss L’s decided that as it’s school holidays she doesn’t want to forget her writing skills (she’s not that confident a writer), so we decided that it would be nice to do a project on a topic and she can then work on it for the next three weeks.  So we’re doing castles and knights, I’m just about to see if I can find some print out sheets somewhere on the web for her to work on as well as using the Usbourne Castles book we have.

Happy Monday xx

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  1. Hi there,
    Love the writing enthusiasm! Have a wonderful week! Ours is coming up next week…..castles and knights sounds like the perfect project…thanks!

    1. Isn’t that picture cute and spring?? Don’t worry about Daniel Craig, I’d don’t mind I had him at Christmas 😉 x

  2. I have to think that Lilly of the Valley is a favorite in your house. 🙂

    I love that little Lily of the Violet Posy is so concerned about her writing! I don’t remember being concerned about anything other than television and my doll house at her age. 😉