Quick & Easy Flower Arrangement

I had my inlaws over to lunch yesterday and I thought it would be nice to have some flowers on the dinner table.  The mistake that most people make is to put a tall arrangement in the center of the table that no one can see over.  So I decided to recycle the cute little pail I bought a couple of weeks ago, which originally came with roses and greenery in.

So being thrifty I bought a £2 bunch of roses from Tesco, cut the stems to about 2 inches and then popped them in the florist foam in the pail.  I think they turned out ok, in fact my MIL asked if they were real – LOL!

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  1. On my way back to the city from the shore house, I noticed the grocery store had 3 for $10 flower bunches! Whoo hoo! So I’ll be stopping there Friday on my way back into town this week for sure. That said, £2 ROSES?! Now *that’s* a deal!! 🙂