New Cath Kidston Easter Magazine/Catalogue

Hurray!  Look what appeared in my post yesterday, I’m still loving the new look.

There are some fabulous ideas in there, I’m coveting Kirstie Allsops garden office – what a lovely space to have to yourself!.  My favourite idea, which I can’t see getting past Paul is….

Digital Wallpaper!  What a fabulous idea if you have one of those massive feature walls or a room with a ‘cathedral’ ceiling. But the website is a bit vague as to what patterns you can get, I’m guessing that as it’s a new item the images just aren’t done yet.

The other thing that caught my eye is the Cath Kidston Vintage line which are sold sadly in store only.  They are a collection of all the treasures the store buyers have bought from all over the country and re-purposed or tidied up.  But I’m sure car boot sales, Ebay and Etsy probably do them cheaper – but it’s always good to get new ideas.  I’ll have a look next time I’m near a store.

Right I’m off to have a coffee and read of this and my new Country Living USA – Have a lovely Sunday xx

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  1. I had never heard of Cath kidston until I came to your blog- now my eyes have been opened. and I actually found some party napkins here from cath kidston.
    Thanks for the loveliness