Practicalities of Emigrating

I’m supposed to be cleaning and getting ready for my inlaws coming to lunch but I’m thinking about all the practicalities of moving to Canada.  Here’s my list of things to think about so far:

1 Getting a job – doing that from a distance should be interesting.  Also what’s with not putting what the blessed salary is on the job adverts? That’s just plain weird.

2. School – what are they like?  Public or Independent? I can’t seem to find anything about the school system in Canada at a nitty gritty level.  It’s not like the UK schools where there are test scores and people moaning in the press – so I take that as a positive??

3. Where to live?  My heart say Vancouver by the beach, my head thinks Ontario/Novia Scotia for ease of getting back to the UK and cost of living.

4. Renting somewhere with the dog

5. Getting the dog to Canada in the first place.  Finding somewhere reputable to ship her and an airline that is good to pets, I can’t bear the thought of her being upset by it, but I’m not leaving her here.

6. Shipping all our stuff – finding a company who takes good care of everything and doesn’t take forever to get it there

7 Getting the house here to rent or sell – that will involve putting in a new kitchen and bathroom ::SIGH::

If anyone has the answers to any of these questions or can give me something else to worry think and has done the big move between countries about I’d be eternally grateful.

Eeek better go and get dinner on x

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  1. Wish I had some answers for you. I’ll be watching avidly for any information as we are planning on emigrating to New Zealand within the next couple of years and I feel completely overwhelmed.

  2. I moved to Canada with my husband 10 years ago from the UK. My info may be a bit rusty, but I have 2 kids in school here and can try to help if you would really like it?? Feel free to e-mail me.

  3. Well, not much to add, but as someone who recently moved from the UK to Seattle (ie. about 150 miles south of Vancouver) I have to say that the Pacific Northwest is absolutely stunning and a great place to bring up children (beaches, mountains, islands, outdoorsiness-a-gogo) and Vancouver itself is gorgeous.

    Come here!

  4. Jen & Laura, I hope you’re moves go well too x

    Kay – thank you so much for the e-mails, talk to you in a bit

    Paola – I suspect we’ll end up in Vancouver, it feels like home and I can’t imagine living anywhere else? Also I’m not the most practical of people and tend to follow my heart 🙂 Coffee when we get there?

  5. WOW – you’re moving?! When is this going to happen? Sorry – no insite to offer, but a dear friend of mine moved to Africa from USA last year and took her two dogs with her. I would be more than happy to get her airline info if you would like it! Just let me know!
    Best wishes as you prepare for your move!! 🙂

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  6. Definite yes to coffee – there’s something indefinably European about Vancouver which I love (as opposed to Seattle, which is definitely, though non-threateningly, American).

    Do you know the area round about at all well? Victoria on Vancouver Island is cute and so English and the Gulf and San Juan Islands are lovely…

  7. Your moving?! Wow- I have only been to Canada once so I know nothing really about it. And I’ve never moved that far- so I’m of little help-
    But I do wish you the best and hope things turn out as you want-