Easter Holiday Children’s Entertainment Ideas

Easter Holidays are nearly here again!   It’s one of our favourite school holidays and it’s so nice to get out and about after being inside throughout the winter

Here are our favourite things to do at Easter.

1. Visit Farms and meet the newborn animals. We are lucky in that we have both Church Farm and Wimpole Hall near us, but if you Google you are likely to find a farm or urban farm near you.  Children love to see the baby animals and it’s a great time to show them where animals come from and how they live.

2. Making Easter Cards.  Simple easy and you can pretty much make them out of any scraps of paper/cotton wool/colouring/paints lying around the house  – good for a rainy afternoon.

3. Easter Bonnets – Yes I know we’re in the 21st Century but little girls still love to make paper hats with paper flowers on them.

4. An Easter Display/Nature Table – go for a long walk and collect leaves or flowers (not bluebells it’s illegal despite there being literally thousands in my garden!) stones, anything that captures your child’s imagination.  Then when you get home they can make a nature table display or a picture.  We tend to put them into a hurricane glass and then put them on the sideboard as a display.


5. Easter Egg Hunt.  We do ours at my Mum’s every year, she decorates the whole garden with bunting and coloured eggs hanging from trees.  We then have to follow the clues to the easter eggs funding little prizes along the way.  The whole family love it and it’s lovely seeing her face while she’s searching.

6. Planting Vegetables and Flowers in the garden.  Kids love to play in the dirt and then later in the summer get to eat the fruits of their labour.  Strawberry hanging baskets are a big favourite in our household.

I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with my girl.

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  1. Oh, what great, fun ideas! We have about 4 egg hunts around here… Everybody wants to see the little ones searching for the Easter Eggs!

  2. As soon as I read your comment on my blog I had to “hop” (tie-in to Easter theme 😉 right over here. OMG…those *are* my plates. Am seriously kicking myself for not taking any other pieces (I hadn’t seen them, but asked her to set aside the dinner size plates for me whne she asked if I wanted them). Wow. WOW. Mine aren’t in mint shape…but still!

    So I think Easter will involve Limoges plates. 🙂 And can someone please turn up the heat a bit in NYC? Enough cold already. ‘Cause I’d like to eat outside on my lovely dishes soon.

    Have a great day…and thanks for the great news.