In case you ever wondered why this blog is called Violet Posy here is the reason.  When I was a very little girl growing up in Surrey we had a massive woodland behind our flats to play in and violets grew everywhere.  So I loved spring, playing with the violets and making posy’s.  They are so rare and only appear for maybe a month to six weeks but they glorious, and if you have a little shady corner in the garden they are well worth growing.

In Victorian times flower sellers sold bunches of violets on street corners.  They were so popular that there was even a special train that rain from Cornwall to London everyday so fresh violets could be sold at Covent Garden Flower Market.  But somehow like all flowers they went out of fashion and the industry went into a decline.

Violet Cream chocolates  are made with violet scented fondant, dark chocolate and sugared violet on top. As you can guess Violet Cream Chocolates are my favourite and are thankfully having a comeback, along with Rose Creams as traditional English chocolates.

So now knowing my violet fixation,  you can imagine my face the first spring in this house and I saw that violets were everywhere in our new garden.  We have violet, pale blue, white, freckled, and even some pink Violets all growing in the garden.  They grow everywhere, under trees, in the grass even in cracks in the patio.

Go check your garden for these little gems, you can pop them in a egg cups around the house and they will smell heavenly.  Go to Julia at Hooked on Houses to see more spring posts.


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  1. I adore these little flowers! my friend has them growing at her house and I always comment how lovely they are when I see them.
    I have never had a violet chocolate, must try since I love dark chocolate.
    have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Callie, you have to try them, they are to die for. Once you have them you’re hooked forever! You have a great weekend too!

  3. Love the pictures of the violets,amazing colours.
    Glad you like North Norfolk hope you have a lovely summer break. Very envious you live so near.

  4. I love little violets- I have some growing here and there in my yard. I enjoyed hearing how your blog name came to be- sweet.
    Happy Day

  5. Violet Cream Chocolates – stop my heart – I have never heard of these before, but I MUST try one! I keep an African Violet in my office at work – dark purple – so pretty to look at every day!
    ~angela @ peonypatch

  6. i love them too! and even more so because that’s my daughter’s name. 🙂 i think she represents the flower well.

  7. What beautiful pictures….I love coming “here”! I enjoy your stories. I have never been to England but my father’s mother was English and even though she passed when I was only 6 all of my memories of her are so wonderful and coming here always makes me think of her. Thank you!

  8. Oh how you have made me wish even more for the first signs of these sweet delicate flowers!
    The small knoll in my grandmother’s yard near the mailbox has always been an ocean of Violets ever since I can remember. My sister and I would gather these tiny delicate flowers to make posies as well to fill the tiny vases that would sit on the window sills and in the center of the table.

    This year will be our first without our grandmother ~ sadly she passed away in December. Her mother ~ a proper English lady loved these flowers as well and happily her love of flowers has passed down to us through the generations.
    Imagine my delight when I found these same lovely flowers growing here in my yard last year ~ the first time I have ever found them in the 11 years we have lived in our home!
    Perhaps it was a sign ~ one meaning she will always be near!
    Thank you so for sharing!
    ~ Rebecca