Small Space Recycling

We try and recycle as much as we can, but we are hampered by having a tiny kitchen, no garage or dry outside area to put it all in.   The council doesn’t provide wheelie bins, just a paper bag for green waste, and a black bin for paper.  Bizzarely they like us to use carrier bags to put our bottles in!   Despite going to the recycling and an every other week collection we still seem to generate a lot.  And it’s getting really hard to keep it all without it getting smelly or messy, so I’ve been investigating stylish ways to store and hide the waste.

I love the idea above, but there are too many bins and I can just about get one of those in our wee kitchen, let alone three. I had a look online at small storage sheds but they are generally about £200 which seems a bit expensive for storing some recycling. But I carried on looking for ideas and was delighted to stumble across this when I was surfing the other day.

How to make your own recycle center, it looks really simple and cheap to do.  So come the Easter Holidays we might have to give this a go.

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  1. I like the little lean-to shed type thing. We use bin in the garage, but it’s none too stylish. I am very thankful that our city recently started supplying a big blue bin for collection. Definitely helps!

  2. We have a tall unit from Ikea that plastic tub/box/tray things slide into; it works pretty well and takes up less floor space than separate bins. I guess it’s a bit like that fabby outside version in your picture, except more vertical.

  3. I love the “recycle” bins in that Living Etc photo…but agree they take up quite a bit of space. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a maniacal recycler…known to chase after the trash collectors who take my recyclables and toss them in the truck. “Come back here…Those are recyclable!!” It’s true. Much to Mr. Shore House’s chagrin. 🙂