Sunday Link Love

I’m really not sure where this last week’s gone?  It seems to have flown by with Miss L’s birthday on Wednesday and her party Saturday.  Paul and I set up our own Software/Internet Consulting company on Friday which is very exciting, but has involved a ton of paperwork and meetings with the bank etc.  I’ll let you know more about it when I’ve written the website!

But I have to confess I’ve probably spent more time on Twitter than is reasonable, but there are some great conversations and link sharing over there!  The highlight for me was last night, when I was ‘followed’ by India Knight the writer and Times columnist (one of my heros!) who said she liked my blog – I’m thinking of getting the tweet framed!

So the upshot is that I’ve not had my usual amount of blogging time, either reading or writing.  However as it’s a rainy afternoon here I’ve just endevoured to catch up and here are my favourites of this past week.  I do add a lot to my TUMBLR account during the week when I spot something I like, so there’s tons on there if you’re ever bored.

But here’s this week’s picks.

I was ‘followed’ on Twitter last night, by Ben Palmer (@jessicastrust) who lost his 34 year old wife Jessica to Childbed Fever in 2004.  Yes you read that right, he lost his wife to something that should have been wiped out in the mid 20th Century at very latest.   Read their story here and sign the No10 Petition here

Day Lab DIY has a fabulous kitchen cabinet painting makeover, which I really wish I’d read before I screwed up our kitchen cabinets…oops!

Amanda Soule, has a new book ‘Handmade Home’ coming out in August hurrah!  The Creative Family her first book which came out last year is brilliant and so useful when you have long school holidays to entertain your children in.  I wish I’d had it when Miss L was little as there are some lovely ideas for very small children in there.

The summer Ikea preview from Apartment Therapy…garden furniture from Ikea sounds like a very good idea to me.

How to make what looks like a pretty amazing New York Style Cheesecake at Little Window Shoppe

Carrots and Kids is one of my favourite new blog finds, she has some wonderful ideas for gardening with your children and in your own patch.

A Modern Mother on something that happens to all us Mummy’s and it made me laugh

Posy spotted the same gorgeous shabby chic article I did about the people who run Vintage Home – I’d like their house please and all those cool Union Jack cushions please!

Design Sponge has a great before and after using Ikea, it’s such a pretty apartment.  I’m borrowing the kitchen open shelves idea.

Have a great week, everyone!

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