Homesense finally opened in Cambridge yesterday – hurrah!  It’s the sister shop of TX Maxx and only sells home items.  I’ve been saving my birthday money for the opening and I couldn’t get there for the grand opening as I was at work yesterday, so you can imagine I was a little impatient to get there today.   We headed there mid morning, despite my whinging that I had to get there as soon as it opened and it was a really pleasant surprise.  The store is really well laid out, less jumble sale like than TK Maxx and beautifully decorated and my do they have some bargains! And also what Credit Crunch the store was packed and people weren’t just looking they were buying – a lot!

There is some great garden items for the summer which I looked at, but lacking any storage I didn’t go for any of the cool laterns that caught my eye.  The cushion section is fab and when we stop arguing about if the main colour should be blue or green then I’ll buy some 🙂

I picked this David Austin Rose book up for my Mum’s birthday (she never reads the blog so I’m ok sharing it with you)

But upstairs….oh my……


They had bedding including the discontinued classic rose (which I’ve spent 18 months trying to get on ebay) and summer blossom duvets, and I had a moment which rarely happens anymore where I couldn’t decide and so I bought both.  I have a little shoppers remorse, but not a lot as they were reduced from £80 to £24.  I might have also popped in the matching rose pillowcases.

There was also cute melamine plates, so I bought one for Miss L.  A plastic jug, which will be fabulous with Pimms or cocktails in when we have summer BBQ’s.  So all in all I bought what would have been I worked out £245.00 of goodies for £70 – now that is what I call a bargain and I will certainly be going back.

I’ve waited for years to get this on our bed and lucky for me I have a very understanding huband!  I’m going to be a very happy girl when I snuggle up in bed tonight.

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    1. I’ve been wondering about the letter change for ages, I wonder why that is?? I’m guessing that Homesense and Homegoods are probably the same 🙂 x

  1. Oh Happy Day- at my latest shopping trip- I picked up two packages of Cath Kidston napkins {Bleached summer blossom} Love them

  2. How lovely? I have discovered (thanks to you) that we have a Homesense in Manchester – so happy! Definately will be planning a trip hope I get as lucky as you

    C x

  3. Wow, hubby lets you have that in the bedroom? He IS very understanding… Andrew would laugh me out of the house if I even suggested having the slightest touch of pink in the room!

    Looks so cute 🙂

  4. a very understanding husband indeed! i love cath. it is quintessentially english to me. i live in the states and its VERY expensve to get the stuff over here. i did order a twin duvet for my little girl and it makes me very happy.can’t think of the name of it at the moment..its a light blue background with big red and pink cabbage roses on it.
    right now, with spring cleaning on my mind, i am coveting all of her laundry and homekeeping products. packaging is EVERYTHING!!
    love your blog, just found it yesterday. stop by and visit me sometime on my blog!

  5. I’m so pleased you all liked it, I was worried for a bit that I’d over done it in our bedroom. But I woke up this morning and it was all sunny and rosy and I decided I was right to have it in there.

    Vero – Paul is very understanding, but you’ll find that once they’ve seen you in labour you can pretty much get away with anything for at least the next 10 years – I have a 4 year window left 😉

    Jenny – lovely to have you here, and please come back and visit often. I really hope they relaunch Cath Kidston in the US soon, it’s such a shame it failed the first time round!

  6. I got some lovely CK goodies in Homesense (Manchester) yesterday. 🙂
    Great shop isn’t it?

    The change from TJ Maxx in the USA to TK Maxx in UK is because in the UK we have a (mostly northen ) department store called TJ Hughes and they didn’t want there to be any confussion betweeen the two.


    1. nice one on getting some CK goodies too 🙂 Ah ha you have solved the mystery of the changed letter! I’ve always wondered about it!

  7. Hi Liz, I picked this blog up on google the other day. I work at HomeSense Head Office and helped to open the Cambridge store. It’s amazing to see everyone loving it now it’s open. You’re clearly a big home lover and I’d really like to pick your brains about a few things. Would you mind getting in touch? Hope to hear from you! x

  8. Hi Victoria,

    WOW! I’m very honoured you stopped by and left a message. You guys have done a great job on the store and everyone I know who’s been there has loved it.

    I’ve dropped you an e-mail.