Spring is here

Spring is here!

We spent the weekend at my parents building a summer house which is their 40th Wedding Anniversary present to each other.  It’s going to look fabulous when it’s finished and I’m very envious!  My Mum, has bless her entrusted to me the sewing of the cushions…I’d better learn to thread that new sewing machine of mine!

Here’s the building in progress and the pretty bulbs which are just pushing through


I really need to get out into my garden this coming week and get working before it all starts growing like mad.

Here’s my to-do job list for the garden

Plant my new Roses, Dahlia’s, Potatos and Lillies

Weed a lot!

Clear Doggy Poop that might be hiding – ick!

Fertilize and Mulch

Weed some more…

What I have to remember everytime, when I’m digging out a flower bed and weeding for what seems like forever is that I eventually get rewarded.  This is the image I have to keep in my head.


If you’d like to see some other Spring posts, check out The Inspired Room where there is a Link Party this week  I can’t wait to see some spring colours and sun.

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  1. Loved your rose photos! I can never get enough roses! You are soooo fortunate to have warm weather already! We still have two feet of snow and it is 10 below zero!

    Stop by to say ‘Hi!” to warm up the day!

    Happy spring!

  2. It really does feel as if Spring’s here doesn’t it, although my dad told me today that it’s going to get colder at the end of the week. Pah!

    I love David Austin roses, so hard to choose though! I’m planning on treating myeslf to one (or two) as a special birthday (ending in 0) present.

  3. gorgeous. I love David Austin roses…. but I am currently a supressed gardener (just need to DO it!!). thank you for sharing these inspirational pics, and good luck with your garden!