Monday Quickie

This made me feel all spring like this morning.

It’s Day One of the Easter School Holidays and we’ve so far had a really nice time (not one argument!) and we’re off to see my Mum tonight as it’s her birthday tomorrow.  I hope she likes the David Austin book we got her, I’ve also thrown in the new Bond film – Daniel Craig is always nice to get for your birthday in my book!

Miss L’s decided that as it’s school holidays she doesn’t want to forget her writing skills (she’s not that confident a writer), so we decided that it would be nice to do a project on a topic and she can then work on it for the next three weeks.  So we’re doing castles and knights, I’m just about to see if I can find some print out sheets somewhere on the web for her to work on as well as using the Usbourne Castles book we have.

Happy Monday xx

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New Cath Kidston Easter Magazine/Catalogue

Hurray!  Look what appeared in my post yesterday, I’m still loving the new look.

There are some fabulous ideas in there, I’m coveting Kirstie Allsops garden office – what a lovely space to have to yourself!.  My favourite idea, which I can’t see getting past Paul is….

Digital Wallpaper!  What a fabulous idea if you have one of those massive feature walls or a room with a ‘cathedral’ ceiling. But the website is a bit vague as to what patterns you can get, I’m guessing that as it’s a new item the images just aren’t done yet.

The other thing that caught my eye is the Cath Kidston Vintage line which are sold sadly in store only.  They are a collection of all the treasures the store buyers have bought from all over the country and re-purposed or tidied up.  But I’m sure car boot sales, Ebay and Etsy probably do them cheaper – but it’s always good to get new ideas.  I’ll have a look next time I’m near a store.

Right I’m off to have a coffee and read of this and my new Country Living USA – Have a lovely Sunday xx

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Quick & Easy Flower Arrangement

I had my inlaws over to lunch yesterday and I thought it would be nice to have some flowers on the dinner table.  The mistake that most people make is to put a tall arrangement in the center of the table that no one can see over.  So I decided to recycle the cute little pail I bought a couple of weeks ago, which originally came with roses and greenery in.

So being thrifty I bought a £2 bunch of roses from Tesco, cut the stems to about 2 inches and then popped them in the florist foam in the pail.  I think they turned out ok, in fact my MIL asked if they were real – LOL!

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Dogs and Sofas


I screwed up..

We got Betty when she was 10 weeks old and she was the most adorable little puppy.  So on the first night with us, I popped her on my lap while we were watching TV and she snuggled up.  Paul warned me that it was a mistake, but I was stubborn and ignored him.  How could I not let the cute puppy sleep next to me in the evenings watching TV, after all she only took up a tiny bit of the sofa.

Fast forward 18 months and I have created a massive 75lb, 4 feet long problem.  Betty now takes up pretty much a whole sofa to herself.  And while she’s good about not eating the soft furnishings themselves, the hair, drool and doggy chews she consumes on the sofa is causing a disgusting mess and does mean that I’m having to wash the sofa covers on a regular basis.

But look at the stylish way she does it!

Obviously I’m not admitting this to Paul, but he was right I never should have allowed her up on the furniture.  So what to do?  I’ve a couple of sites which have some good advice about keeping animals off the furniture and training them to do so.

So following that advice, I’ve realised that first off she doesn’t have anywhere in the lounge other than the rug to lie on.  So I’m going to buy her a pad/bed to sleep on and we’re going to have to enforce the command to stay off the sofa and be consistent, which is going to be so hard when she pulls her cute dog face at me

Or I could just buy a massive throw – couldn’t I???

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Practicalities of Emigrating

I’m supposed to be cleaning and getting ready for my inlaws coming to lunch but I’m thinking about all the practicalities of moving to Canada.  Here’s my list of things to think about so far:

1 Getting a job – doing that from a distance should be interesting.  Also what’s with not putting what the blessed salary is on the job adverts? That’s just plain weird.

2. School – what are they like?  Public or Independent? I can’t seem to find anything about the school system in Canada at a nitty gritty level.  It’s not like the UK schools where there are test scores and people moaning in the press – so I take that as a positive??

3. Where to live?  My heart say Vancouver by the beach, my head thinks Ontario/Novia Scotia for ease of getting back to the UK and cost of living.

4. Renting somewhere with the dog

5. Getting the dog to Canada in the first place.  Finding somewhere reputable to ship her and an airline that is good to pets, I can’t bear the thought of her being upset by it, but I’m not leaving her here.

6. Shipping all our stuff – finding a company who takes good care of everything and doesn’t take forever to get it there

7 Getting the house here to rent or sell – that will involve putting in a new kitchen and bathroom ::SIGH::

If anyone has the answers to any of these questions or can give me something else to worry think and has done the big move between countries about I’d be eternally grateful.

Eeek better go and get dinner on x

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Dora the Explorer’s ‘Tween’ Makeover

Dora the Explorer has grown up and this is her new look.  She’s now at middle school and has moved to the city for all new adventures.   My first instinct was to scream at my computer and curse toy marketing people everywhere.  Then I thought about it a bit and I don’t think I’m going to mind Dora’s new makeover.

Here are my reasons

1. She doesn’t look like a Bratz, her clothes are modest and non slutty.

2. All girls have to grow up, Miss L grew out of Dora about a year ago.

3. Umm there aren’t any really good female TV role models for the 5-8 market. I can’t think of one?

4. I refuse to let my daughter watch Hannah Montana/She’s So Raven rubbish. I don’t want my 6 year old talking like a 14 year old Disney Starlet.

That said I just showed Miss L the new picture and she said she likes the old one better.   So maybe I have nothing to worry about for a while.

What do you think of the ‘new’ Dora?

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Easter Holiday Children’s Entertainment Ideas

Easter Holidays are nearly here again!   It’s one of our favourite school holidays and it’s so nice to get out and about after being inside throughout the winter

Here are our favourite things to do at Easter.

1. Visit Farms and meet the newborn animals. We are lucky in that we have both Church Farm and Wimpole Hall near us, but if you Google you are likely to find a farm or urban farm near you.  Children love to see the baby animals and it’s a great time to show them where animals come from and how they live.

2. Making Easter Cards.  Simple easy and you can pretty much make them out of any scraps of paper/cotton wool/colouring/paints lying around the house  – good for a rainy afternoon.

3. Easter Bonnets – Yes I know we’re in the 21st Century but little girls still love to make paper hats with paper flowers on them.

4. An Easter Display/Nature Table – go for a long walk and collect leaves or flowers (not bluebells it’s illegal despite there being literally thousands in my garden!) stones, anything that captures your child’s imagination.  Then when you get home they can make a nature table display or a picture.  We tend to put them into a hurricane glass and then put them on the sideboard as a display.


5. Easter Egg Hunt.  We do ours at my Mum’s every year, she decorates the whole garden with bunting and coloured eggs hanging from trees.  We then have to follow the clues to the easter eggs funding little prizes along the way.  The whole family love it and it’s lovely seeing her face while she’s searching.

6. Planting Vegetables and Flowers in the garden.  Kids love to play in the dirt and then later in the summer get to eat the fruits of their labour.  Strawberry hanging baskets are a big favourite in our household.

I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with my girl.

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Storing Children’s School Work

If you’re anything like me then you have a lot of paperwork to store. Not only your own, once your children are at school and nursery then suddenly you have more than you know what to do with.   Miss L loves to keep her old school work to  see what she’s done and how far she’s come on.

So as the exercise books and random pieces of paper started flowing home, I realised I’d better look at some ways of storing them all.  As with all children’s storage it need to be


Easily Accessible


So what I’ve come up with isn’t that innovative but it is efficient.  You can get a lot in them, and they are easy to pop on a bookshelf.  Magazine Holders!


I’ve created folders for each year of school (I might need two this year!) and then when school work comes home, I just pop it in the folder,  simple!  Miss L can access it when she wants and it’s kept safe in the meantime.

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Toothfairy came..


It feels like 5 minutes ago since these came in!  Tooth number two was close behind falling out the next day.

Did you know that apparently according to Miss L the Toothfairy is very generous it’s £1 for one tooth, £2 for the second etc – LOL!

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I’m a huge family history buff, I love looking into the past and learning more about my family.  Thanks to the internet it’s so much easier now than it was 10-15 years ago!  However this little gem came from a book I bought about Fulham in London last week.  My family lived in the Fulham and Chelsea area from about 1900 till we left in the late 1970’s and I wanted to know more about the history of the area.  Did you know the area had it’s own ‘London Eye’ in the 1880’s?

However I was flicking through the book, looking for some information when this photo just stood out to me. I don’t know why it caught my eye.  It’s a picture from the celebrations of the Coronation of King George VI in 1937. I thought the bunting and flags were cute and then I looked at the faces and at first I was shocked and then stunned.

There at the top of the stairs under the bunting are my grandparents who bought me up.

I’ve never seen a picture of them young as this, they were poor and money was spent on food not photographs.  I think she would have been pregnant with my much missed Uncle Ron in this picture as well, which makes it all the more poignant for me.  I’m now going to write to the History Department at the Fulham Council to see if I can get an copy or if there are any other photos of this event.  It’s one of those weird ‘hello’ from the past moments, but it’s made me so happy.

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In case you ever wondered why this blog is called Violet Posy here is the reason.  When I was a very little girl growing up in Surrey we had a massive woodland behind our flats to play in and violets grew everywhere.  So I loved spring, playing with the violets and making posy’s.  They are so rare and only appear for maybe a month to six weeks but they glorious, and if you have a little shady corner in the garden they are well worth growing.

In Victorian times flower sellers sold bunches of violets on street corners.  They were so popular that there was even a special train that rain from Cornwall to London everyday so fresh violets could be sold at Covent Garden Flower Market.  But somehow like all flowers they went out of fashion and the industry went into a decline.

Violet Cream chocolates  are made with violet scented fondant, dark chocolate and sugared violet on top. As you can guess Violet Cream Chocolates are my favourite and are thankfully having a comeback, along with Rose Creams as traditional English chocolates.

So now knowing my violet fixation,  you can imagine my face the first spring in this house and I saw that violets were everywhere in our new garden.  We have violet, pale blue, white, freckled, and even some pink Violets all growing in the garden.  They grow everywhere, under trees, in the grass even in cracks in the patio.

Go check your garden for these little gems, you can pop them in a egg cups around the house and they will smell heavenly.  Go to Julia at Hooked on Houses to see more spring posts.


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