The things children write….

Miss L arrived home today,  all proud with her school work for this term.  She was so exited to show me what she’d done.

So we’re sitting there reading through it together and then we get to her creative writing story about ‘Downtown Dog’ – one of her toys and suddenly I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Here’s the story I shall translate the writing for you..

The Amazing Adventures of Downtown Dog

One windy night my toy woke up and went on an aeroplane

to New York. He met his friends IN A BAR(!!!). They ate bones. He flew home.

Now there is a part of me that is very proud that Downtown Dog had such an amazing adventure…… in a bar in New York….the other part of me is dreading parents evening!!

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Google Adsense

Does anyone know how AdSense works?  I’m not computer illiterate by any stretch but I can’t for the life of me fathom out why they think my content needs adverts for X Rated Japanese sites??  I think I’ve set everything up correctly and of course all of their download tools are for Windows grrr!

I’ve tried blocking them, so hopefully they’ll go away! Does anyone know of a good starters guide/site? The official google site is as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Many Thanks x

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Daytrip to Dyson

A few weeks ago I was approached through the blog by Dyson.  The lovely PR lady asked if I’d like to go to London for the day to test products, meet other Mummy Bloggers and would I like a free Dyson with that?

Ummm a big yes to all of those things!

So as Paul and Miss L pulled puppy faces everytime I mentioned it, they came with me.  In fairness Paul does pretty much all the vaccuming at home, so it was only right he came with me.  In fact last week he was doing the stairs and he broke the tube on our now rather elderly Dyson, so this trip was very timely.

So we trooped down to London through the snow and got the Tube to Dyson London HQ. Miss L was very excited about going on the tube, which is so sweet.  To her it’s a big adventure, for me a commuting nightmare from my past.   We managed to get there about an hour early, so we thought we’d browse the nearby shops.  Not far away we found Cath Kids…oh yes the Cath Kidston children only store!

Paul sighed and told us to go in while he’d take a walk – bless him, he knows his girls!  So Miss L and I found a new mini pillow, beautiful floral filled pencil case, and a flowery wash bag.  We could have spent ages in there and I took a couple of snaps in the basement to share with you all


Eventually we dragged ourselves out of there and went back over to the Dyson offices, where  I met my fellow Mummy Bloggers.  They were all lovely and I’m not sure if they are going to blog about this or not so I’ll retain their anonymity.   Miss L was going to be looked after with three other children who were coming and while she was waiting for them, she really got into the cleaning aspect of the trip.

Soon Miss L and her new friends went to do arts and crafts upstairs and we got on with the presentations.  Camilla from PR and Sarah who’s a Product Designer and Head of Acoustics were both really passionate and informative about the Dyson product.  Sarah became a product engineer after she became a mother because like most of us she discovered that most things we use are obviously designed by men and therefore next to impossible to us if you have a child attached to you!

They literally test for everything, to make sure you don’t break nails when pressing buttons, that catches open easily but don’t break.  My personal favourite is the new filter in the Dyson, that Sarah has the patent on.  The old one that we have is bit of a pain to clean, her new one is easier to clean and wring out and popping it in and out is much, much easier.  You can tell a woman invented it!.


Here’s the evolution of the Dyson product.  The top left is the prototype that James Dyson came up with, the pink on is the first one that ever sold, the washing machines that are now discontinued and then bottom right the latest Dyson vaccum.

We had lots of fun testing them, standing on them, dropping one from the balcony 12 foot up, and it didn’t break. None of the other ladies there own a Dyson, so I’ll be interested to hear how they find them. I’m also interested to see how the new one compares to our 8 year old one.  I’m leaving our now more than grubby stairs alone to see how it performs when it comes later in the week.

Soon we were finished and we went to see the art projects that the kids had been doing upstairs.  They’d been given some bits of Dysons and had made what they wanted from it.  Miss L made an pregnant elephant nest??

All in all, it was a really informative and interesting day.  In such a gloomy economic climate, it’s good to know that there are innovative British companies that have passionate talented staff working for them.  They want to hear what their customers think and improve upon their product, which I think is fairly unusual for such a large company.

We had such a good time and I’d really like to thank Camilla, Sarah, Jess and Caroline for orgainising such a great day.

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The Snow Continues

It’s been snowing here in the UK all week, and well…it’s still snowing.  So here’s a picture of my garden, it looks a lot prettier under a foot of snow!

Miss L’s school has been brilliant, not only has it been open all week but they have actually let the kids out to play, make snowmen and have snowball fights! Something I didn’t think was allowed anymore, I might send her to school with conkers in the autumn to see if we can get away with that as well?

Meanwhile other than going to work, I’ve been snuggling under a wool blanket with the dog – she’s warmer than the radiator.  It’s one of those times to take pleasure in simple things, mainly because it’s impossible to do anything else!

I hope you are all safe and warm and aren’t having too many childcare issues!

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Link Love Wednesday

As it’s been a snowy snuggly week,  I have done a ton of reading and this round up is a bit more ecclectic than usual. So here you are

Not only does the new American administration have a very good blog, I was stunned to find out that the land of equality and liberty for all –  doesn’t have an equal pay law WHAT?!?!  I’m seriously shocked, hopefully this will be amended soon.

For those of us who struggle continously with our children’s clutter there is a blog carnival over at The Shabby Nest.  There are some amazing ideas, I’m stealing the one involving pink boxes and blackboard paint!

This captured my imagination, pictures from WWII which have been blended into modern day photos. Not only are the images haunting but the work that went into them is phenomenal.

Ann over at City Sage has as usual some wonderful interiors – I want the Union Jack chaise!

I hope this is one programme that gets remade for kids here – Smart Girls sounds like a great idea

Luphia Loves – has lots of gorgeous warm hued inspired interiors

I’ve never been to Scotland and not to Aberdeen land of my foremothers but Tidepooler has published a great post about a short trip there.  I’m slightly teary at the image of the graveyard. I’ve never seen a photo of it and most of my family are buried there.  I really must get up there for a trip.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day from A Day that is Dessert – so many pretty ideas easily copied ideas.

Poppytalk has Candleabra for your Purse – these are so cute and handy for spontaneous celebrations.

In my head Miss L’s birthday parties look like this and not the chaos that they usually are- Inchmark is just so inspirational, I want to be her when I grow up!

Possibly my favourite post of the week – Cookie Monster Cupcake

Talking of people I want to be when I grow up – well just go look at her blog – Sadie Olive is the queen of all things beautiful.

10 Scifi shows’s I can’t wait to share with my kids – from Geek Dad.  I’m literally counting down the days until Miss L can watch the X-Files.

Arriving Smarter by That Canadian Girl.  As always Vero has come up with a genius way of making your time more productive.

Hope you enjoy them!

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If you’re a child of the 1970’s like me you were probably a little sad to see the end of the Polaroid camera last year.  But fear not some bright spark has come up with the Poladroid.  You install it onto your PC or Mac and then you just drag and drop photos from your files onto the camera, and then out pops a polaroid picture which develops like the original, if you shake it the process speeds up.


As you can see we’ve been having lots of fun with it, Miss L thinks that actual physical photos are cute and from the ‘olden times’.  The thought of shaking a photo to develop it to her is hilarious,  whereas I thought it was state of the art when I was 5.  I suspect that her kids will think that the Home Computer equally amusing!

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Crazy Meme

Photo Credit: Ali Edwards on Flickr

My lovely blog friend Susanna over at A Modern Mother has done a hilarious tongue in cheek Meme and has tagged me as I tagged her last week.  And as it’s only fair I respond. Here are the rules

Seven Funny Things

I’m a bit grumpy this morning, so I’m going to skip this one!

Four Little Known Facts

1. I don’t iron anything ever, I think the last time I ironed I was pregnant and in nesting mode.  I don’t get why anyone would spend hours ironing??

2. I took my Maths GCSE 4 times and well failed it 4 times – have always worked in Finance and IT!

3. Oddly for someone working in IT my degrees are in English and History.

4. I have cold feet – all the time, the only time they have ever been warm was when I was pregnant, I wish I could be that warm naturally.

One thing I’d Change

I’d have gone with my gut instinct and had Miss L at home ,rather than the horrific hospital birth we suffered instead.  It totally put me off having anymore children, the thought just terrifies me.

Fourth File, Fourth Photo

Betty waiting for Miss L to come home from school.

Feel free to join in if you’ve read this and fancy giving it a go 🙂

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