Good News and Giggles

My husband got a new contract – hurrah!!  So we will now be able to start living again and planning our emigration to Canada. First off I need to plan a trip to Toronto and Novia Scotia so we can compare it to Vancouver.  It seems only sensible considering it’s closer to the UK and there is a lot of IT Tech work there.  So tonight we celebrate! 🙂

This however I had to share this with you, it had me in hysterics when Miss L bought it home from school.  She shares a desk with a delightful little boy called Robert, who obviously knows our daughter far too well!  He made this to cheer her up as she’s been apparently been unhappy at school this week – not of course that I knew anything about it!  She is a mini teenager and whenever I ask about her day the answer I get is ‘It was fine/lovely/good’.

Bless him!  He put so much work into it and it the little envelope on the right there were ‘mini’ Miss L cards which he made to look like her with smiling Miss L’s and another with a ‘sad’ Miss L and ‘Don’t be Stroppy’ on it.

How sweet is that?  His parents should be very proud of such a caring little boy, he’s now on our ‘approved’ future son in law list.   At least he understands our daughter, she’s been smiling since he gave it to her and it’s now pride of place on her wall.  Aren’t kids cute!

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  1. My son received a postcard from his best friend who is visiting relatives in Australia at the moment.
    It read: ‘I was you was here Dan. It’s great and so are you.’
    My son was chuffed to bits. Took it to bed with him. Boys are obviously more sensitive than we thought!

  2. Thanks for your kind words! I’m made up one of us has a job again!

    Ian! You’re right I’d not considered the TK Maxx issue…right off to investigate which cities have them 🙂

  3. Great news Liz—-as a gal who grew up in Toronto, I can’t recommend the city enough! It’s a wonderful place, a perfect mix of cosmopolitan culture and local neighbourhood charm. The schools are excellent too! Not to mention the shops 😉