Sofa Makeover

Our sofa is now four years old and despite the covers being washable and it’s not a particularly light colour, it’s starting to look it’s age and more than just a little grubby and dull.  Sofa’s are one of those expensive home items that due to daily use and abuse by your family, often soon look the worse for wear quite quickly.  I think we’ve had everything and anything thrown at our sofas from weaning babies, toilet training toddlers, my husband falling asleep on it holding a glass of red wine (eek!), to the dog lying on it eating her chews and who knows what else?.  However as Miss L and the dog are still young there is no way I’m going to replace it, also one of the sofa’s folds out into a comfortable sofa bed for when we have guests which is really useful.

Our sofa came from Sofa Workshop specifically because they did replacement covers for this model, so you could change the colour and look of the sofa and therefore the room easily. Of course what happened…they stopped making the sofa and therefore the covers!  So my plans were scuppered!

So what to do?  I’ve had a look round and found an interesting article from SofaSofa with some great ideas of how to transform your sofa.  I like the idea of having made up or making my own slipcovers for the sofas. There are some great ideas and fabrics out there and it would mean that I could change the room colour and buy new throw at the same time to add a new accent. A while ago I came across a great blog post from Pink and Polka about how to make your own slipcovers.

New throw cushions covers would be a cinch and I’ve been thinking about changing our beige and dark brown for something either floral or stripy. As we have a Homesense, TK Maxx’s sister home store opening in March in Cambridge I think that a shopping trip might be in order.

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  1. I’ve it before and I’ll say it again, you have such good taste.
    I love all of those and my goodness me I do admire you for recovering your own sofa. I’m totally rubbish in that department.
    Be very interested to see how the project goes . . .

  2. I love the style of that last sofa and those bright pillows are so cheery and pretty.

    We’ve had our sofa for 10.5 years (It was our first married couple purchase) and it is beyond need-of-replacement. Even my husband sees it. I had some friends over the other night and he suggested we turn the lights off and the lamps on to hide some the the signs of wear & tear. And he even went as far as to say that our first purchase after he gets a fabulous new job (how do you like that positive thinking?) will be a new sofa! YAY! I’m already looking…

    My biggest req for the next one is for to have a tight back, so the pillows can’t be taken off and used as trampolines or made into tents. I know that will squelch some creative tendencies of my two little ones, but we’ll indulge them in other ways! Cannot wait!

  3. Yes, I love the last one too- funny I’ve been wanting to change out my sofa for something “white” people think I’m crazy, but with a slip cover it’s easy to just through in the wash.
    I love the idea of being able to change out the throw pillows by season.
    Good luck-
    Have a great day

  4. I really love the white and froofy room (first picture) but they are all so pretty. I think the last picture is pretty, functional, and practical and therefore my favorite.

    Remember to be careful with your coffee…you wouldn’t want to stain the new sofa. : ) thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting the other day! I look forward to seeing your completed project.

  5. you’re so sweet. thanks for the complement of my tutorial. love all those you have pictured. i’m thinking of re-doing my sofa in a pale blue linen. can’t wait to see your slipcover…

  6. Thats an impressive transformation. I’ve just decided not to replace my couches since my 50 kilo Akita likes to sit on the two seater and she would probably shred a new one, so I may have to look at a makeover myself.