Link Love Tuesday

Gmail is down so I might as well write a blog post! As always there are some fabulous articles out there, my poor Google Reader at one point had over 300 waiting for me.  I dread to think what will happen if I ever leave it alone for more than a few days.

Yvestown is back!  Lovely post about the progress of her new home, can’t wait to see it finished.

Restyled Home – Dreaming of Slipcovers.  Slipcovers are such an easy and pretty way to reuse a piece of furniture, good for all us thrifty types at the moment.

Single Parent Dad – on the phenomenon of Phantom Toddlers.  You know when your children are staying over elsewhere and you find yourself checking on an empty room. I’ve done it a good few times.

Brooklyn Limestone in Progress – a favourite blog of mine, she has the most amazing home. But this post about Snuggie’s had me cracking up, I’d so buy one if they sold them here 🙂

The City Sage has the – prettiest cake ever!

Sticky Fingers – advice for new parents a must read for all you soon to be parents.

A Modern Mother – Teacher’s yelling in schools,  an interesting debate.

Luphia – Half a Dream Apartment how we’d all love to live. Beautiful.

Now recently I’ve discovered Tumblr which is a bit like a Google Reader shared items only better!  I’m pretty new to it, but here’s my stream and a couple of other good ones I’ve found




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  1. Hey Liz, thanks so much for the link.
    I get hung up on all the posts to read too – I can never go on holiday or take time off!
    Now just off to make round 2 of pancakes (children had theirs now it’s hubby and my turn!)

  2. Thanks for the link love Liz! Sorry it’s taken me a few days to get around and express my gratitude—but now I’m so happy it’s Saturday and I can give your fab link round up the attention it deserves. You always find the best stuff!

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂