In the next house..

You know how when you buy a house unless you are super rich everything is a compromise. The location, or parking or garden, whatever it is you’ve compromised on means you can’t have something else.  Sometimes it’s nice to imagine what you’ll have next time round.

So we’ve got a saying at our house, everytime we see something fabulous that we can’t afford/have room for it’s going to be ‘In the next house’.

So far the list consists of

A Laundry Room

We are currently using the outside under stairs cupboard as there is no room in our 8×8 kitchen for well pretty much anything other than the cooker and fridge.  This means that I end up going outside in snow, rain and sun to do the washing and drying. I must admit in mid winter I’ve been known to buy extra socks and pants in Tesco’s rather than go out in the rain to do the washing!

A Kitchen/Diner

Being able to talk to my family and friends when cooking – heaven!

Woodburning Stove

Clean, efficient and super snuggly – I covet my parents one every winter.

Spa Bathroom

Every house we’ve lived in has had a rubbish bathroom. The bathroom in my flat had a pink suite, our first home together had a grey one and this house has a less disgusting cream one.  But I’ve hated them all and never been able to afford to replace them – next house!.

Can you imagine having a little space to curl up in the garden and read in any weather? I must admit than unless Betty ever uses that blessed dog run of her’s then I’m eyeing up for a Liz makeover! So this one might make this house…

What’s on your list? What would you love in your next home?

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  1. I’m not moving again, and ridiculously, I have most of the things you list – I love my utility room. I would quite like a balcony, and wanted those sliding glass doors, that effectively make a wall into a window, but the planners were not so smitten with the idea.

    In my last house, I think our kitchen was 10 x 6, but we managed to get a slim-line dishwasher fitted into it. It was an absolute necessity. ‘I couldn’t leave home without one’.

  2. Ditto on most of those, though we do have a dishwasher. I could not live without one now. Or without the washer-dryer. The big kitchen is top of my list, and I would add a flat garden. Ours slopes up (sort of in steps) and you have to go up steps to get to it. I would like a flat garden where I could stand/sit in the kitchen and see the children and dogs playing out there (multiplying all dependents because you can with a big enough house!). And I would really like a separate shower room. And a spare room… And a whole bunch of other stuff.

  3. All these rooms are great! In my next home I want a laundry as well, mine is in the garage. I would also like a hobby room/studio, oh to dream. Oh, and love the pics from Ideal Magazine, yet another wonderful UK mag I can’t afford to subscribe to.

  4. I love that kitchen. It’s the perfect balance of modern yet still vintage. I love, love the colors…and how about that vintage telephone.

  5. i am in the process of moving and you are so right about the compromising.
    I love your wish list! and that dishwasher is very pretty! I haven’t seen one on this side of the pond that pretty! I will need to investigate and research, would be perfect in my new home.

  6. Hey there, just visiting for the first time and saw those pictures and thought ‘that’s my house. that’s my house!’ Ok, so it’s not my actual house but it’s my dream house too. You have fabulous taste.
    Then I read your previous post about the visit to the doctor’s surgery and i’m all ‘yes, yes, yes’.
    I clearly need to spend more time over here!
    Really nice to ‘meet’ you x

  7. In my next house I want a laundry room… That’s inside the house, with a sink and a counter area and and and. I don’t sound greedy, do I?

  8. SPD – Oh those wall window things are lush – added to my next house list!

    Corinne – I love the idea of vintage phones but dialing on them is such a massive pain here as phone numbers are so long!

    Callie – good luck finding that Smeg dishwasher in the US!

    Janet – Dream Studio…oh yeah that would be heaven!

    Tasha – Tiered gardens can be pretty but if you have little ones they are a complete pain, one of my friends recently sold her house for that exact reason.

    PS-Erin – As someone who recently had to go outside in a foot of snow with a mad dog to do the washing and drying, I don’t think that having inside facilities are too much to ask for 😉

  9. Love that image of the kitchen! Fab! In my next home I want hardwood floors…all throughout! {not only because they look good..but then I don’t have to worry about my dog doing bad things on the carpet…lol}. I’d also LOVE a formal dining room…the living room/dining room combo thing has gotten pretty old…

  10. That kitchen/diner is amazing!! I would love to pick up the whole thing as-is.

    A lot of people tend to say they want a fabulous laundry room in their home…the shore house is the first time I’ve had a washer dryer in my home, and I’m just thrilled for that!! So even though it’s tucked in our musty basement I’m sort of happy with it.

    My next home (a long time away, I think/hope 🙂 I would like a bit of a yard. As in, ANY yard! 🙂

  11. AliceW – Formal dining room, nice choice. Also agreed on the hardwood floor, we have laminate as between the dog and the small child they destroyed the carpet!

    Laura – You have your laundy inside…I’m so envious 😉

    apw – wood burning stoves are just the best aren’t they!

  12. All of the above! My family lives in a 2 bed apartment. The kids’ room is huge (toys, dressers, junk). My husband and I – different story. We have a queen bed against the wall and about a foot of space between his side of the bed and the dryer door. Oh yeah…Its lovely. Definately a laundry room is top of the list – and a huge tub :).