Hooked on….Online Magazines

It’s Hooked on Friday again and here’s what I’m hooked on this week…Magazines!

Times are getting tough in the VioletPosy household.  Since hubby is starting his own business and I’m only working 2 days a week, we like many others we’ve have to economise – A LOT!.

In all honesty I think my magazine addiction has to be the first thing to go.  I probably spend at least £25 a month on them and that’s just the regulars and not including any impulse buys – thank god Paul doesn’t read my blog!

Luckily a lot of my favourites have an online verson

Martha Stewart

Country Living US

Real Simple

Living Etc

But I’ve come across online publications in my magazine replacement hunt..

Small – an online magazine aimed at stylish children and their parents. Lots of Etsy inspired goodness here!.

Apartment Therapy – the whole group is good, but I love Ohdeeoh the kids section

Better Homes and Garden – I know this is a US Magazine but I’d never heard of it before and it’s pretty good.

Vancouver Magazine – my favourite City has it’s own magazine, what’s not to like?

Vanity Fair – I’d never buy it but the photography is amazing

Eco Home and Garden – Ecologically sound and very cool site.

Canadian Gardening – you can see a theme gathering here!  But we have a similar climate so I might as well read it

Canadian Home & Country – Okay I admit I want to live there 🙂

What are you favourite online magazines?

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  1. There are some new ones (to me!) here that I will have to check out. I really love House Beautiful online (housebeautiful.com) – they have really great pictures and slideshows and also color articles… type in “pink” and they will give you lots of great pink colors with their brand and color number!

  2. I love looking online for inspiration, so Country living is my favorite right now. It used to be Cottage Living, but now that they went out of business it’s all old 🙁


  3. living etc and style at home (canadian) are my favorite online magazines. For one, they are great, and two I can’t afford to have them delivered to the US.;(

  4. Thanks so much for your recommendations! I’m loving Coastal Living and House Beautiful. Cottage Living seems to have now disappeared sadly but there are links to This Old House, Southern Living and Southern Accents which I’m just about to explore.

  5. Wow thanks for the awesome list. I’m hooked on magazines too. I’ve let so many of my laps recently or they have been canned to sad.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Living Etc is new to me this past year but I lovvveeee it! I go to the web site all the time, Today, I got my last issue of Country Home (US) and I’m a bit bummed out…seems when the print editions go out, so do the online versions (their web site will close down, too). But I do love that blogs have enabled folks like us to come together and share ideas. I can happily stick to blogs!!

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