Dining Room Style Board

Our dining room was originally our lounge as it’s at the back of the house and overlooks the garden.  However as Miss L got bigger it seemed a bit daft being in a small room when the room at the front was much bigger, so we swapped rooms.  The dining room is currently in an old Dulux colour called tealight which was really pretty cream 5 years ago and is now well a bit mucky.  Day to day scuff marks, pen on the wall, stains from weaning – how does carrot do that despite bleach? – all take their toll so it’s time to repaint.

I saw the picture above in January’s  US Country Living and thought that it was really fresh and pretty.  My cream chairs and table need a new lick of paint too so I thought this look would suit what I’m trying to achieve.

We’ve gone for Farrow and Ball Pavillion Blue – it’s a little darker and more blue than this colour chip.  I couldn’t get Paul to agree with the Duck Egg – but I’ll work on it for the lounge 😉

I’ll take some before and after pictures and post them next week.

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  1. that dining room is so fresh & light, just gorgeous. that’s a lovely shade of colour too, i’m a huge fan of the duck egg blue (could it be the influence of Laura Ashley catalogues?), so good luck on winning that colour! 😉

  2. I love duck egg blue. I’m sure any color will look fabulous in your home. And blue definitely perks up a room 🙂