Happy Birthday to Me

I turn 37 today…how did that happen?

Here are the words of wisdom I wish someone had told me

EVERYTHING happens for a reason

Mr Right is worth waiting for, and will be found in the most unexpected place

Children are an utter blessing and an unplanned pregnancy is not the worse thing that can happen to you

Cherish your parents

Travel, travel and travel some more

Living in different cities and countries is lots of fun.

Don’t be afraid to change career’s it’s really not a big deal

Childbirth is worse than you think and you think it’s bad!

Never ever get a credit card, they are the source of all evil

Always say goodbye to people, you never know if that is the last time you’ll see them

Enjoy being skinny/having a flat stomach/breasts that are still upright in your teens & 20’s and quit moaning about how fat you are – seriously you’re not!

The people you knew when you are young are some of the most important to know when you’re older

On the other hand some people that you are really close to you won’t remember what they look like in 5 or 10 years

Learn to talk to people who are sick or dying it’s mean so much to them and more to you when they are gone.

No man is worth self destructing over – seriously if they are awful you are better off without them and you can’t change them

Tell the people that mean the most that you love them daily.

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  1. Happy 37th- you’re still a baby- I vaguely remember 37 :-}

    Happy Day to you! Thanks for great words of wisdom-
    May I add one more…..Enjoy your youth.

  2. Great wisdom. I’d have to include several of these on my list. Perhaps I should start construcing one… I’ll be 37 this year too. Have a perfectly wonderful day!