The Snow Continues

It’s been snowing here in the UK all week, and well…it’s still snowing.  So here’s a picture of my garden, it looks a lot prettier under a foot of snow!

Miss L’s school has been brilliant, not only has it been open all week but they have actually let the kids out to play, make snowmen and have snowball fights! Something I didn’t think was allowed anymore, I might send her to school with conkers in the autumn to see if we can get away with that as well?

Meanwhile other than going to work, I’ve been snuggling under a wool blanket with the dog – she’s warmer than the radiator.  It’s one of those times to take pleasure in simple things, mainly because it’s impossible to do anything else!

I hope you are all safe and warm and aren’t having too many childcare issues!

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  1. Love the picture of your garden- snow and all :} some of my fruit trees have started to bud out- weird I know when most of the world is still under a beautiful layer of snow.
    Great thought “take pleasure in simple things” I will be thinking about that all day-
    Thanks- stay warm :}

  2. there’s about 5 inches in Bath & BBC says more heavy snow on Monday? wow, not seen this much snow since I was little, have a fab weekend! x