Link Love Wednesday

As it’s been a snowy snuggly week,  I have done a ton of reading and this round up is a bit more ecclectic than usual. So here you are

Not only does the new American administration have a very good blog, I was stunned to find out that the land of equality and liberty for all –  doesn’t have an equal pay law WHAT?!?!  I’m seriously shocked, hopefully this will be amended soon.

For those of us who struggle continously with our children’s clutter there is a blog carnival over at The Shabby Nest.  There are some amazing ideas, I’m stealing the one involving pink boxes and blackboard paint!

This captured my imagination, pictures from WWII which have been blended into modern day photos. Not only are the images haunting but the work that went into them is phenomenal.

Ann over at City Sage has as usual some wonderful interiors – I want the Union Jack chaise!

I hope this is one programme that gets remade for kids here – Smart Girls sounds like a great idea

Luphia Loves – has lots of gorgeous warm hued inspired interiors

I’ve never been to Scotland and not to Aberdeen land of my foremothers but Tidepooler has published a great post about a short trip there.  I’m slightly teary at the image of the graveyard. I’ve never seen a photo of it and most of my family are buried there.  I really must get up there for a trip.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day from A Day that is Dessert – so many pretty ideas easily copied ideas.

Poppytalk has Candleabra for your Purse – these are so cute and handy for spontaneous celebrations.

In my head Miss L’s birthday parties look like this and not the chaos that they usually are- Inchmark is just so inspirational, I want to be her when I grow up!

Possibly my favourite post of the week – Cookie Monster Cupcake

Talking of people I want to be when I grow up – well just go look at her blog – Sadie Olive is the queen of all things beautiful.

10 Scifi shows’s I can’t wait to share with my kids – from Geek Dad.  I’m literally counting down the days until Miss L can watch the X-Files.

Arriving Smarter by That Canadian Girl.  As always Vero has come up with a genius way of making your time more productive.

Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Thank you for the link love Liz! I’m so flattered to be in such good company—this is a seriously extensive round up! Now to settle in with a warm cookie and some tea and go through each and every link—so much more fun that actually trying to get something important done! 😉

  2. Thanks for the link! How amazing you have family there. I only got to see it for a minute, but it truly was a beautiful graveyard. It was funny getting chased away by the groundskeeper trying to close up.