Fun Children’s Bedding

Something I discovered when Miss L was little, is that white bedding for babies and small children is just wonderful.  It always looks clean and fresh, but you can boil wash and bleach it repeatedly without having to worry about colour loss.  You can also change the colour or decor of the child’s bedroom without the expensive of buying new bedding


Miss L’s Cot and Nursery circa 2003

However it can look a little boring, so to make it look more interesting (apart from adding a throw) and to get them involved, I’ve always allowed Miss L to choose her own pillowcases when we’re buying them.  We now have pillowcases of every colour, pattern and with gorgeous embroidery.



It’s a really inexpensive way to get your child involved in making the room ‘theirs’. I’ve also found a side benefit in that Miss L loves making her bed now and it’s her favourite job.

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