Be Bright be Seen


This is bit of a public service announcement, but the very nice people at the Department of Transport have asked me to share with you their new ‘Be Bright be Seen’ campaign and to ask for your thoughts on it.  Now I must admit this is something that is close to my heart.

My daughter’s school uniform is dark blue and there is a ‘school coat’ which is an old fashioned ‘Harry Potter’ affair so there is no chance of getting reflectors on it. As we live in the country and it’s not terribly well lit or serviced by pedestrian crossings, this is a worry to me in the winter months.  I’ve tried adding stickers on her bag which promptly fell off, a bright pink vest from Ikea which sadly no longer fits (and you can imagine the looks I got from the headmistress!)  and now I’ve given up and just hope that I’m big enough that cars will notice me.

But I’ve been sent some of these Scanglo tags which can be attached to bags, bikes, prams, clothing etc and seem to be very useful.  I have a spare triangle reflector, so if you’d like it leave me a comment with your thoughts and I’ll do a random generator and then let you know if you’ve won – Friday 30th January 2009 is the closing date

Away enough rambling from me here’s the advert.  I like it as it’s a bit ‘Tim Burtonesque’ but I think it’s a little scary for kids Miss L’s age, but what do you think for older children?

There’s also an online game linked to the campaign which once again I think is too scary for little ones, but let me know your thoughts on it all so I can pass them on to the Department of Transport.  Thanks for all your help x

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  1. Hi,
    I think the whole concept is great, but it is definitely too scarey for the little guys. I think it would appeal to 5th grade and higher.

  2. I agree a little too “dark” for younger children- {Its hard to know what will work with children these days.} My grandchildren are all into Star wars type stuff.

  3. My boys would be okay with it, but they like dark stuff like that. I am not sure that my boys would really get what it meant anyway. But I like the idea.