Hooked on Friday

It’s Hooked on Friday over at Julia’s so here’s mine for this week.

When we moved into our house 5 years ago I covered the dark green and light orange walls with cream paint, lots and lots of Farrow and Ball White Tie and Slipper Satin.  Now I’m so bored!  Seriously I’m starting to need some colour in our house, the taking down of the Christmas tree has just made the place look dull and uninspiring.

This is the colour that is calling me – Duck Egg Blue!

It’s everywhere at the moment and I find myself checking it out in magazine and thinking how I can get it into the house on a budget.

We also have some dark wood furniture which I think would go with the colour.

All I need to do now is persuade my lovely husband that we need to re-paint :)

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  1. I like it.

  2. Ooh, this duck egg blue color is gorgeous. I think you should do it because I want to see how it turns out!

    I know what you mean–I’ve been craving more color this winter, too.

    Thanks for joining my blog party, Liz. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  3. I love, love that color. The picture above is VERY warm and inviting. Do you want me to talk to your husband!!?? LOL

  4. Love the colour and I was just trying to decide how to talk my husband into painting our kitchen/dining room this exact colour!!! :o) It will be a really big switch for us (the walls are currently brown – Nutmeg by Behr) but all of the trim is white so I think that I can pull it off. Excellent taste!! :o) Becki

  5. Good luck with convincing your husband to paint again. Isn’t it nice to be sure about the color? That takes away a lot of stress!

  6. Me too, love the blue, muted, very relaxing and great with white & black and some vibrant color accents.

  7. So funny. I just posted about paint colour. This one is gorgeous. Love, love, love duck egg blue.

    PS Very jel about those Cath goodies found at TX.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  8. It’s a beautiful color! I think it looks great with dark wood or white…then you can change things around and still have it looking good! Great choice!

  9. How pretty! Winter is the perfect time to do some painting and brighten things up!

  10. Ooohhhh, that looks nice. You always have such good ideas. Would love to see the magazines at your place.

    Want to come over here and help me?

    • My magazine “habit” (dh calls it an addiction!) is something to behold ;) But these days I’m trying to do more online reading as it’s cheaper.

      But I have pursuaded him that the colours great and I can try it in the dining room first – woo hoo!

  11. That colour calls to me too. I’ve got to have it somewhere in my house eventually

  12. Oops, I miss typed my website address.

  13. Who says he has to be convinced BEFORE it’s painted…??? ;)

    Lovely color btw.

    • LOL! Well that is very true ;)


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