Monday Link Love

Urgh I’ve had Flu all weekend, so I’ve had a lot of surfing time and found all sorts of fabulous articles to share with you.

The Complete Guide to starting a Mummy Blog –  Susanna @ Thames Valley Mum’s.  It’s a really informative article about how to start a blog and where to get resources, I wish there had been something like it around when I started blogging.

The Martha Blog – More Amazing Roses – I love this article because not only does it focus on all sorts of behind the scenes at the Martha Stewart Magazine.  All the pictures are so obviously taken by the lady herself and they are well…shall we say much like the ones you or I would take.  Not always in focus and the lighting is off – LOVE IT!

Restyled Home – Room Makeover – Linda’s made over Sophie’s bedroom and it looks lovely.  It shows how to move from a ‘little girl’ bedroom into something a little bit more sophisticated.

Ohdeedoh – Young Writer’s Workshop – a beautiful example of how to orgainise writing materials for young children. Miss L’s still struggling with writing so I think that I might make a set up like this to encourage her.

Poppy Talk – Pink Inspiration – Gorgeous cupboard (see my love of pink is almost complete!)

sfgirlbybay – Obama Style – Interior Designer Michael S Smith’s has been appointed as the interior designer for making over the White House for the Obama family – nice choice!

Inchmark – Colour Story 5 – I’m in need of colour at the moment, as I’m sick of the gray skies here.  This is perfect and I’ve never considered that shade of blue with red…hmmm I see another blog makeover coming….

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  1. LOVE the pics over at poppytalk, and I’m so impressed that they’re from Country Home magazine, which had some great christmas stuff last time. isn’t it nice when a mag you never used to like starts to surprise you?

    feel better soon!