Vegetable Gardening the Easy Way


Due to the ever increasing price of food, I’m planning ahead for the spring/summer now for my garden.   But I have a small problem, well more of a large 80lb large black labrador puppy problem.  Betty *loves* destroying all things in pots, bags and well basically all plants, it’s her favourite thing in the world to do!

So that pretty much renders my 160ft back garden useless for growing vegetables except for the ancient apple trees that are already there.   Unless I did some comprehensive fencing to keep her out of the top half which would make it pretty expensive, it’s impossible to stop her from trashing new plants.

So I’ve been surfing and found a few solutions which I can use in the front garden, which I’m going to make into a potager or kitchen garden.  Also I’ll see the plants when I’m going into the house, so I’ll remember to water them!

If you mix the vegetables with ordinary plants you can make quite a pretty show, here’s my Mum’s garden from last year

She has a selection of vegetables mixed with the flowers and runner beans going up the trellis near the sweetpeas, which also filled in the new garden nicely.  Beleive it or not this whole garden was 6 months old in this picture, all of this was planted at Easter and this photo was taken in August.  I’ve been working on my garden for 5 years and it’s nowhere near as good as this – LOL!!

Now I love growing plants from seeds but since the wind and Betty killed off my mini plastic greenhouse; I’ve decided to just buy small plants either from a British grower, or the market if available.  That way I don’t end up with hundreds of the same plant.  It is a little cheating and a bit more expensive, but it is the best of both worlds as I still get to nurture them.

So this year, I’m going to go for cut and come again salads, cherry tomato’s in hanging basket – pretty and space saving,  large heritage tomatos, herbs especially mint (for Pimms!) and basil, broccoli and carrots. All of these will be either planted into pots or straight into the garden with the flowers.  Low maintenance is essential!

If you’d like more information on kitchen gardening here’s a few good links:

Kitchen Gardeners International

In my Kitchen Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Heavy Petal – Garden Tour

Martha Stewart – Vegetable Garden

and just added as a recommendation from Rochelle

Garden Girl – great urban ideas

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  1. I had a look and they are about £130 for the size I need, maybe next year 🙂 She’s a nightmare though and has managed to trash every pot and ripped most of my roses up. But I still love her, mainly because she’s lying on me at the moment!

  2. Your Mum has a beautiful garden. The English are fortunate to have perfect weather for gardening. I love to garden but its difficult to do in the Arizona desert. Another great garden site is called Garden Girl. Its creator, Patti Moreno is from Boston and specializes in urban gardening. Have fun.

  3. Hi,
    Wow, your Mom’s garden is absolutely amazing. I love the idea of vegetables mixed in with flowers. The potato plant in a bag is genious! Thanks for the great tips. I have a small townhome patio, so these ideas are just wonderful.

  4. You hit on one of my favourite things — my veg patch!

    I can’t wait to put in my potatoes. Am currently harvesting kale and waiting for purple sprouting brocoli. Onions and garlic have come up…

    Thanks for the tips!

  5. Wow your mum’s garden looks fabulous. We’re hoping to grow some veg this year too. I might go for small plants too as the birds/squirrels got a lot of the stuff we planted last year.