There’s still time to plant…


Admittedly not a lot of time to plant them, but I think you’ve still got a good 2-3 weeks to either get them in the ground or in pots.

They are well worth the effort as they are cheap and make fabulous cut flowers.  They also bring some very welcome dramatic colour to your garden in March/April and if you’re lucky into early May.

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One more thing

I super promise not to blog about Cath Kidston for at least a week……..

But I spotted this on her website today hidden right down at the bottom, and I thought it would make some of you happy……..

Cath Kidston Computer Desktop Wallpaper!!


This is now gracing my desktop

Okay I promise no more 😉

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Fun Children’s Bedding

Something I discovered when Miss L was little, is that white bedding for babies and small children is just wonderful.  It always looks clean and fresh, but you can boil wash and bleach it repeatedly without having to worry about colour loss.  You can also change the colour or decor of the child’s bedroom without the expensive of buying new bedding


Miss L’s Cot and Nursery circa 2003

However it can look a little boring, so to make it look more interesting (apart from adding a throw) and to get them involved, I’ve always allowed Miss L to choose her own pillowcases when we’re buying them.  We now have pillowcases of every colour, pattern and with gorgeous embroidery.



It’s a really inexpensive way to get your child involved in making the room ‘theirs’. I’ve also found a side benefit in that Miss L loves making her bed now and it’s her favourite job.

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Cath Kidston New Catalogue

There must be a new marketing genius at Cath Kidston, they’ve made a great job of the new look website.   And look what was waiting for me when I got home today, the new Cath Kidston magazine/catalogue!

It’s a completely fresh new look and everything in it looks fabulous and there are some great ideas of how to use her products.   Darn it was trying to pay off my credit card! That said my birthday is in a couple of weeks so I might just leave it lying around in the lounge as a small hint – he he!.

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Thankyou so much!

I’m so honoured and this has really made my day!

The lovely Rachel at Our Crazy Beautiful Life has awarded me this



Susan over at My Sid Dickens Addiction awarded me this


My blog shall wear them both with pride 🙂

As I’ve won two, I’m going to follow the rules for Susan’s and here they are.  But feel free to choose either badge because all of the blogs I’ve nominated are beautiful and supportive.

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I would like to pass on this lovely award to the following bloggers.
Please step forward and claim your prize…

Teresa @Whatever

Corinne @CraftyLoca Sanctuary

Fiona @Wallstory

Susanna @ModernMother

Luphia @Luphia

Janet @Jan’sGems

Laura @Shorehouse Chic

Anne @CitySage

Laura @MovetoPortugal

Tawny @Tawny

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Be Bright be Seen


This is bit of a public service announcement, but the very nice people at the Department of Transport have asked me to share with you their new ‘Be Bright be Seen’ campaign and to ask for your thoughts on it.  Now I must admit this is something that is close to my heart.

My daughter’s school uniform is dark blue and there is a ‘school coat’ which is an old fashioned ‘Harry Potter’ affair so there is no chance of getting reflectors on it. As we live in the country and it’s not terribly well lit or serviced by pedestrian crossings, this is a worry to me in the winter months.  I’ve tried adding stickers on her bag which promptly fell off, a bright pink vest from Ikea which sadly no longer fits (and you can imagine the looks I got from the headmistress!)  and now I’ve given up and just hope that I’m big enough that cars will notice me.

But I’ve been sent some of these Scanglo tags which can be attached to bags, bikes, prams, clothing etc and seem to be very useful.  I have a spare triangle reflector, so if you’d like it leave me a comment with your thoughts and I’ll do a random generator and then let you know if you’ve won – Friday 30th January 2009 is the closing date

Away enough rambling from me here’s the advert.  I like it as it’s a bit ‘Tim Burtonesque’ but I think it’s a little scary for kids Miss L’s age, but what do you think for older children?

There’s also an online game linked to the campaign which once again I think is too scary for little ones, but let me know your thoughts on it all so I can pass them on to the Department of Transport.  Thanks for all your help x

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Hooked on Friday

It’s Hooked on Friday over at Julia’s so here’s mine for this week.

When we moved into our house 5 years ago I covered the dark green and light orange walls with cream paint, lots and lots of Farrow and Ball White Tie and Slipper Satin.  Now I’m so bored!  Seriously I’m starting to need some colour in our house, the taking down of the Christmas tree has just made the place look dull and uninspiring.

This is the colour that is calling me – Duck Egg Blue!

It’s everywhere at the moment and I find myself checking it out in magazine and thinking how I can get it into the house on a budget.

We also have some dark wood furniture which I think would go with the colour.

All I need to do now is persuade my lovely husband that we need to re-paint 🙂

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Cath Kidston Goodies

So back at Christmas when the online Cath Kidston sale went live, I wondered why there wasn’t much choice.  Now I know – they seem to have sold their stock to TX Maxx!  Not that I’m complaining 🙂

Here are a couple of the absolute bargains I’ve picked up

Kingsize duvet cover reduced from £85 to £24! And pillow cases from £15 to £2.99!!

Cute little basket for storage – £7.99 (I think they were about £20 before), this has now been borrowed by Miss L for a teddy bear bed as it’s the right size and has roses in it – LOL!

I’ve just looked on ebay and there seems to be an awful lot on there including the now discontinued fabled ‘Classic Rose’ bedding, which I intend to hunt down tomorrow at my local TK Maxx – wish me luck!

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Monday Link Love

Urgh I’ve had Flu all weekend, so I’ve had a lot of surfing time and found all sorts of fabulous articles to share with you.

The Complete Guide to starting a Mummy Blog –  Susanna @ Thames Valley Mum’s.  It’s a really informative article about how to start a blog and where to get resources, I wish there had been something like it around when I started blogging.

The Martha Blog – More Amazing Roses – I love this article because not only does it focus on all sorts of behind the scenes at the Martha Stewart Magazine.  All the pictures are so obviously taken by the lady herself and they are well…shall we say much like the ones you or I would take.  Not always in focus and the lighting is off – LOVE IT!

Restyled Home – Room Makeover – Linda’s made over Sophie’s bedroom and it looks lovely.  It shows how to move from a ‘little girl’ bedroom into something a little bit more sophisticated.

Ohdeedoh – Young Writer’s Workshop – a beautiful example of how to orgainise writing materials for young children. Miss L’s still struggling with writing so I think that I might make a set up like this to encourage her.

Poppy Talk – Pink Inspiration – Gorgeous cupboard (see my love of pink is almost complete!)

sfgirlbybay – Obama Style – Interior Designer Michael S Smith’s has been appointed as the interior designer for making over the White House for the Obama family – nice choice!

Inchmark – Colour Story 5 – I’m in need of colour at the moment, as I’m sick of the gray skies here.  This is perfect and I’ve never considered that shade of blue with red…hmmm I see another blog makeover coming….

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Hooked on Friday


Umm how is it Friday again?  I seem to have wasted an entire week!

Anyway joining on Julia’s ‘Hooked On’ series here is mine Sid Dickens Memory Blocks.  I started collecting them when I was living in Vancouver back in 1997.  They are made of hand crafted plaster and have a porcelain finished which are deliberately aged to give them a antique look.



They are really versatile you can move them about and you can use them in any room.  In comparison to most art they are incredibly affordable – check ebay for examples.  My favourite retailer is Casa Bella in California, who frankly do a much better service than anyone I’ve found in the UK, so I get them shipped in from there.

If you want to see some beautiful examples of how they can be used, check out DJFargo’s Photostream on Flickr – they are absolutely stunning and Suzie’s Blog she has done some beautiful displays with her collection.

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1911 Census


My GG Grandmother – Emma Lucy Stutely b1857

I’m a huge family history buff and somehow I’d missed that the British 1911 Census had been released.

It’s 2 years early which is what has thrown me.  But this is an important one for my family history as my Grandparents are on it, which is going to make my 20th century records more complete.

Check it out here

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How I learnt to embrace pink


This is a photo of Miss L at 6 months and you’ll notice something….there is not one pink thing in sight.  I’d banned it from the moment I discovered I was having a girl.   Friends and family could buy clothes and toys in white, at a push lilac or yellow BUT NO PINK was to ever enter my house.

Of course everyone thought she was a boy. In the end when I’d had the umpteenth well meaning old lady ask me HIS name,  I’d say it was Harry just to avoid the question of why she was in jeans and a t-shirt *again*.

Let me explain my aversion, I was a 1970’s tomboy as a child and I loved climbing trees, riding bikes and playing in mud.  Pink was not a colour that was terribly practical for any of those activities.  My mother is a wonderfully trailblazing feminist who taught me all the good things about being a woman and looking after yourself and being independent in all senses.  I equated pink with princesses and being rescued and all that girly rubbish – not for me!

However one day when she was about two,  my little girl gained her own voice.  Despite my giving her a feminist upbringing with stories about princesses rescuing themselves, gender neutral toys, clothing and colours,  and telling her how she can be anything at all when she grows up.

You know what she wanted….





Cath Kidston Florals

Play cleaning especially ironing – trust me something she has never seen me do!

To be a Mummy


So I have learnt to let go and to stop being so rigid in my tomboyish outlook – I think it was the Cath Kidston that won me over in the end though!.  I have now embraced pink and discovered that my daughter has the most wonderful personal style.   In turn she tries to understand why I need a comfortable pair of jeans and a new pair of black Converse

‘But, Mummy you do know you can get those in pink, don’t you?’

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