2008 Year in Review



The Highlights

The Trip to Vancouver – hands down our best family holiday ever and it also gave us the push to want to live there.  That idea is still in the planning phase, but we so want to do it

10k Run – Paul did brilliantly and finished it in just on an hour, I’m so proud of him for keeping the running up and doing another one on New Years Eve

Miss L for winning the ‘Singing Cup’ at school – go girl!!

Welcoming our friends beautiful babies Amelie and Leland in July.  Leland is still ill from being born at 24 weeks, but the boy is still fighting and I am so proud of his Mummy, my lovely Goddaughter x

Starting Violet Posy, I’ve never managed to get the shop up and running but this probably isn’t the best time for that!

Meeting all my lovely blog friends and having their support – love to you all

Betty – for finally behaving! She’s sitting next to me at the moment and not trying to eat the sofa

The Lowlight

I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but both of us losing our jobs has been rather scary.  But I’m someone who thinks things happen for a reason. So it’ll work out in the end and generally for the better and we’ll have our own businesses instead of working for someone else.

So now I’m looking forward to our friends coming on New Year’s Eve and we’ll bring in 2009 with babies, children and dogs running around the house – a perfect night 🙂

Happy New Year to you all xx

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  1. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you a little-
    great collage- of the years events-
    Happy New Year- heres wishing that some of your future dreams come true-

  2. What wonderful pictures and memories. The baby sounds like a fighter! My husband lost his job 2 days before Thanksgiving and has a job 10 times better than the last one! God always has a plan even though it might not be “our” plan. Hang in there! Happy New Year!

  3. What a lovely wrap of the year!

    I’m sending positive vibes from across the pond for a prosperous New Year…I agree with Donna that things happen for a reason and I’m betting you’ll both wind up in a better place (the job I once lost led me to a great job opportunity I wouldn’t have otherwise had).

  4. What an adorable mosaic and wonderful memories of your year! I know the feeling about losing a job. I was laid off 7 years ago and was so stressed out, but just as my bank savings was about to run out I found a great job and I still have it!!! Try to stay positive! I hope 2009 will be a GREAT year for you!

  5. What a beautiful round up of memories and images Liz. May 2009 bring much joy and adventure for you, Paul, Lily and of course Betty! Sometimes I have trouble not chewing the sofa too 😉

    And I agree with you on things happening for a reason, though it’s so hard to let that bring comfort when you’re in the moment, isn’t it! So more than anything else, here’s to remembering it in the moment!

  6. What a lovely group of pics you’ve shared!!

    May 2009 bring you & your family everything you’ve been dreaming of!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. Wow, based on your photo mosaic, you had a lovely year! Thank you for sharing, and Happy New Year! ~Arleen

  8. The text with your beautiful mosaic really made it a lovely family newsletter that fellow bloggers and most ceratinly your immediate family will enjoy very much. :o)

  9. hi liz! thanks for your kind comments, I’d love to exchange links, it’s quite rare to find a gorgeous blog like yours who’s also used in the UK! 😉

  10. Sounds like a perfect evening…the babies and dog thing…perfect, just perfect….oh and Pottery Barn coming your way…what more could a beautiful Greekgirl want.


    let’s chat

    1. LOL! I can in fact make something pretty with paint and Cath Kidston fabric with one hand, and at the same time with the other hand knock up a network and support 300 users on my own. True fact! 😉

      Happy New Year to you too!

  11. I lived in Vancouver for a year and a half – it’s a great place to live, a fantastic goal to work towards if you want to work there.