Christmas Cathedral

Miss L had her Nativity play at the Cathedral this year and it looked beautiful all decorated for the holidays.  The Cathedral is a thousand years old and building started in 1083 and went on till 1349.  So when you’re in there you can almost feel the people that came before you  I’m not a religious person but it’s a possibly the most serene place I’ve ever been.  Here are the pictures I took during the Nativity play,  I thought you might enjoy them.


Stained Glass Window


The Octagon built in the 13th Century of wood and is 170ft high!


The Cathedral Tree


The hand-painted Cathedral Ceiling

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  1. How incredible! I know exactly what you mean about feeling the presence of all those who came before you—I’m a huge history nerd and hallowed spaces like this are my favourite historical monuments for that very reason. All the babies baptized, couples married, their presence is palpable, isn’t it? Especially this time of year…

  2. Beautiful… scenes like this leave me speechless. I love visiting historic sites. And whenever I get a chance to visit places of great significance I try to absorb as much as possible. You are so fortunate to be that close to such great history. Have a Merry Christmas! The best to your loved ones =)