Making your own Christmas Wreath

I’ve just been to the garden centre to pick up a wreath for the front door.  Now we’re on bit of a budget this year, but I didn’t want a Holly wreath – I *always* manage to hurt myself on them!.

The garden centre had some really nice fir wreaths, with cinnamon sticks and dried oranges, ribbon etc and they were £35, a little on the expensive side.  Then I noticed the ‘blank’ fir wreaths that were £10 and thought, well I have ribbon and baubles at home.  So I bought that one.


I decided that as I’ve gotten a little obsessed with Modern Country that I’d do a ‘nordic’ inspired wreath.


I rummaged around in the Christmas wrapping bag and in the decorations left over from the tree, got some garden wire from the shed and got crafty.


First up the ribbon.  I tied a basic bow and then attached it with the garden wire to the wreath


Then I added bells and a white wood reindeer


Popped it on the front door and it doesn’t look that bad.  I might add some silver baubles on it tomorrow as well, but that’s the joy I can change the colours and add what I like, as many times as I like and I’ve saved £25!

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  1. Emily – Thank you! My hubby’s reaction was ‘It’s not festive, there’s no red on it’…MEN! 😉

    Janet – Thanks the snow is an added on goodie from WordPress, cute isn’t it 🙂

  2. Yay! I love a good money saver that turns into a great crafty DIY. You outdid yourself Liz. So perfect, and what a lovely way to greet any Christmas visitors who happen to arrive at your door.