Activities for Children During the Holidays

My daughter has 4 weeks of Christmas holidays.  Every year I’ve worked the holidays, so I’ve never really had to deal with keeping her entertained.  However as I’m only working 2 days a week now and hubby’s just been made redundant we aren’t for one minute going to spend £45 a day on holiday club – no matter how much she begs to go – LOL!

So being a good thrifty mummy I’ve scoped out the local bowling alley, it turns out you can bowl for £1.95 if you go between 10am and 12am. An ice rink opened in Cambridge for the holidays but it’s quite expensive so we might have to give that a miss or see if they have a reduced rate time.

So that’s at least 4-5 days of the holidays covered!  To pass the rest of the time I’ve been scouting the internet for ideas which are crafty, thrifty and fun and here’s what I’ve found.

Hot Chocolate Cones from A Simply Divine Christmas are just wonderful and will make lovely presents for cousins and friends.

My favourite thing from being a kid, making peppermint cream sweets – they rock!

Martha Stewart as always has some great things to do (seriously her staff must never sleep!). has some lovely projects and the instructions are easy to follow.

Salt Dough Tree Decorations Miss L loves making these at holiday club so I thought we’d have a go at home, dough and glitter making a giant mess – what’s not to love?

As my daughter is just getting into sewing and I have some red felt material left over from the Christmas play outfit;  I thought we could make some mini Christmas stockings for the hallway decorations.

Gingerbread House Christmas 2007

And of course the most important thing to make over the holidays, A Gingerbread House!

Here’s a great recipe/instructions for a Gingerbread House, but I’m nowhere near that good at cooking or craft so I’m going to buy a kit from Tesco. Here’s the terrible effort from last year, we had lots of fun making it but it looked terrible.  At least it tasted pretty good 🙂

If you have any ideas or tips, please post me a message – I’d love to read them!

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  1. You have some very yummy treats and great ideas, the hot chocolate bag and peppermint creams. My kids make a gingerbread house too every year. When they were very little they use to sneak behind my back and pick at the gingerbread house till there was nothing left but the ginger bread. Oh well… I try not to think of how old the candy was on the house {Yuck!}.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us all these ideas. It’s so smart of you to have compiled a list, then when the time comes you can choose an activity based on a variety of circumstances. I hope you enjoy the season! ~Arleen

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