2008 Year in Review



The Highlights

The Trip to Vancouver – hands down our best family holiday ever and it also gave us the push to want to live there.  That idea is still in the planning phase, but we so want to do it

10k Run – Paul did brilliantly and finished it in just on an hour, I’m so proud of him for keeping the running up and doing another one on New Years Eve

Miss L for winning the ‘Singing Cup’ at school – go girl!!

Welcoming our friends beautiful babies Amelie and Leland in July.  Leland is still ill from being born at 24 weeks, but the boy is still fighting and I am so proud of his Mummy, my lovely Goddaughter x

Starting Violet Posy, I’ve never managed to get the shop up and running but this probably isn’t the best time for that!

Meeting all my lovely blog friends and having their support – love to you all

Betty – for finally behaving! She’s sitting next to me at the moment and not trying to eat the sofa

The Lowlight

I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but both of us losing our jobs has been rather scary.  But I’m someone who thinks things happen for a reason. So it’ll work out in the end and generally for the better and we’ll have our own businesses instead of working for someone else.

So now I’m looking forward to our friends coming on New Year’s Eve and we’ll bring in 2009 with babies, children and dogs running around the house – a perfect night 🙂

Happy New Year to you all xx

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Guest Blogging at Thames Valley Mums Blog

This is a shameless self promotion, but I’m so excited!

The lovely and talented Susanna at A Modern Mother and the founding contributor at Thames Valley Mums Blog asked me to be a guest contributor on the Thames Valley Blog.  How cool is that?  Now you have to remember that ‘Mummy Blogging’ here in the UK is nothing like as developed as it is in the US – we really have no idea why?  Which is why I’m so happy to find some other UK Mummy Bloggers.

So here’s my article an edited version of what was on here

Seven Fab things for kids to do in the holidays


Here’s a round up of the Best of British Mummy Blogging

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Printable Christmas Present Tags

I’m an idiot.

I was all organized and bought my gift tags with my wrapping paper at the beginning of November….and yes you’ve guessed it I can’t find them ANYWHERE!  I’ve hunted high and low and I can’t find them, I will of course find them as soon as Christmas is over.

I had to get my in-laws presents delivered yesterday and luckily I’d spotted these on Ohdeedoh, so printed some of the Ashley Goldberg ones out onto sticky label paper and they saved the day. Phew!

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Christmas Cathedral

Miss L had her Nativity play at the Cathedral this year and it looked beautiful all decorated for the holidays.  The Cathedral is a thousand years old and building started in 1083 and went on till 1349.  So when you’re in there you can almost feel the people that came before you  I’m not a religious person but it’s a possibly the most serene place I’ve ever been.  Here are the pictures I took during the Nativity play,  I thought you might enjoy them.


Stained Glass Window


The Octagon built in the 13th Century of wood and is 170ft high!


The Cathedral Tree


The hand-painted Cathedral Ceiling

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Christmas Florals

I went to the market today and bought 4 bunches of red roses and a bunch of greenery (ferns, eucalyptus and other gorgeous smelling pieces of tree – which makes up for our fake Christmas Tree).  So now we have a house full of red roses and greenery which just to me, makes it feel more Christmassy.

Here are some simple ideas with flowers which are inexpensive but look amazing!

A few white roses and some cranberries in a vase

Photo Credit:Martha Stewart

Photo Credit:Martha Stewart

and here’s my version Christmas 2005


Photo Credit: Violet Posy

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Look what came today…

Now I’d love to post a picture of the beautifully wrapped parcel that came from Anne over at The City Sage……but Miss L and I got a little excited and unwrapped it as soon as it was delivered!

Anne, thank you so much for picking me and you’ve made my day.  The first recipe I’ll be making is Coconut Chiffon Pie, something that you can’t get here at all and I’ve been a little obsessed with since I was a child, I can’t wait!

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Good Books to Share

I am a very lucky girl.

We visited friends weekend before last and swapped presents early, which I love doing as it makes Christmas last longer.

Susie and Jon had very sensibly hit my Amazon wish list and got me these


It has the most amazing homes featured in it and the ideas for stylish family living are brilliant.

They also go me this


Woo hoo!!

You know me and Cath Kidston obsession – LOL!  It’s a cute little book with lot of pretty ideas for making things.  I really must learn how to use my blessed sewing machine!

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A Letter from Santa

We’re big into the whole idea of Santa in our house.  I love that Miss L still believes in him, even though she’s quite a bright and sophisticated 5 year old who can argue the point on just about everything – except Santa,  to her he just is real.

As this may be the last year where it’s still magical for her and I want to make the most of it.  And I’ve just come across this


Letter from Santa

How cool is that?

I’ve just done one and I’m going to print it out sneekly tomorrow and then hide it in her room for her to find.  Hopefully it’ll make her day 🙂

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Christmas Decorations and Mini Tour



I’ve decided to join in with Julia over Hooked on Houses and with BooMama who are hosting House/Christmas Decoration Tours.

So here are our decorations, we’ve had a great time decorating this year and much of it has been done by Miss Miss L, who has had very strong ideas on what the tree and the house should look like this year.


The Tree and Mantlepiece


‘Stained Glass’ Angel Miss L made at school


Christmas Red Roses


The Mantlepiece,

Come Thursday and a trip to the market, it will be covered in red roses and greenery to go with the silver.

Happy Christmas!

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New Look Violet Posy!

I’m back!  At one point yesterday I thought this was never going to go live and that I’d probably be divorced by the end of the weekend – LOL! Bless my husband and a huge thank you to him, for having the patience to teach me php, css and html in a weekend, and for putting my new baby live :). Love you xx

Also a big thanks to the talented team at Shabby Miss Jenn for creating such beautiful goodies to put on here, go check her site everything on there is lovely I have no idea how they make them?.

I was going to do a couple of posts but I’ve just realised that I’m exhausted and I need a big glass of wine and some chocolate, so night you all x.

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Please forgive my appearance….

My this moving lark is hard work!!  Apologies for the lack of prettiness at the moment!  If you have any links to my site (thank you!) or  would like to add one (please!), my domain is now violetposy.co.uk

Also if you subscribe by RSS hit the new button above and that should hook you back up 🙂

Right I’m off now to try and make my new home as lovely as possible!

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