First Tree 2008

First Christmas Tree 2008
First Christmas Tree 2008

I know it’s not December yet, but we got our Christmas Decorations down from the attic today so we were ready for Monday.  As you can imagine there was no stopping Miss L from putting up her pink Christmas tree in her bedroom.   As you can see she was doing the decoration in a ‘slightly’ daredevil way, but she managed not fall off and the tree looks lovely.

I’m not putting up our main tree until Monday as I have to move a ton of furniture and clean to get it in – bah humbug 😉

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  1. What a cute photo. Your daughter looks adorable, I love her curls. My family put up our Christmas tree today also, but we’re still in the process of decorating. Today my daughter, her cousin and friend tried to decorate the tree. But when you get a bunch of gaggling girls together its easy to get distracted =)

  2. Aww thanks passed on your kind words to Lily, she’s so pleased you liked her tree. We put the main one up in the lounge today and it feels a lot more snuggly and Christmassy in here now 🙂

  3. Best. Tree. Ever. Is it wrong that I’m jealous of Lily? Not only for the pink tree, but for her fab pink outfit. Wish I could get away with something that stylish. What a cutie she is! 🙂

  4. LOL! Lily has great style and picks all her clothes and outfits. I, in my jeans and sneakers, am a great disapointment to her 😉

  5. Liz, Lily’s Christmas tree is simply divine and very beautiful. Please tell her that we match today. Because it’s 3 pm and I’m still in my pink PJ’s recovering from a cold & sore throat that my brother’s seven year old twins decided to share with us over the Thanksgiving holidays. Next year I’m adding paper plates and cups to my holiday shopping list to help cut down on the sniffles.