Vintage Christmas Cards

In the summer I was rummaging in a junk store near my Mum’s and I came across these.  I was surprised at how un – ‘Christmassy’ they are.  I’m guessing they are from maybe the 1930’s or 40’s but there is no date on any of them.

card-collageI’m trying to think of a use for them as it seems a waste not to, but I can’t think of anything.  Any ideas?

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  1. I’ve heard of people making ornaments out of them- but that seems a shame to cut them up-
    I think I would make a cute little photo album to keep them in- then add a new card each year- Kind of a History through Christmas cards-

  2. Yeah I don’t like the idea of cutting them up and they aren’t pretty enough to frame. I like the idea of making a scrapbook/photo album though – it’ll be a good project to do with Lily in the holidays

  3. I think a couple of those might be even older…I bought one very similar to the “Greetings…” one at the end, and it has a 1908 postmark.

    I bought three recently and I’m going to do a couple of things with mine…First, I made color scans and print outs. I plan to mount them on a thick card stock, then hand touch with glue and glitter (with a paintbrush), and add a little hook made from silver pipecleaner on the back to hang on a tree (or wherever). I’d need to make 20 of these for a party next weekend, so I can’t swear that any of this will *actually* happen, LOL. But if it does I’ll post this week and let you know!

    My other plan is to see if I can minimize the scanned images a bit and use as gift tags, too — just with a hole punch and some yarn poked through.

  4. Hi Laura – 1908?!?! Wow mine didn’t have any envelopes with them and weren’t written in . Embarrassingly for a techie I hadn’t thought of scanning them and then doing something with them – LOL! I look forward to seeing yours if you get time to do what you’re planning 🙂