Childrens tax allowance 2002-2003 – DEADLINE 31 Jan 09!

Obviously phone your tax office to check this out and get the right address to send all the information to – double check with them about this one!

In 2002 – 2003 tax year there was an allowance that the tax office didn’t publicise that well and most people didn’t apply for and most importantly it wasn’t means tested like the current Child and Working Tax Allowance.  It could be worth £520 off your tax bill, and I guess it’s worth a phone call to find out if you are eligible.

So here’s what you do:

It is called Childrens Tax Allowance for the year 2002/03

You can still claim but the deadline for allowance is before deadline 31st January 2009.

You are eligible to claim £520 allowance if:-

Have a child born between 6th April 1986 – 5th April 2003
Child lived with you for all or part of 2002/03
You worked and paid tax for all or part of 2002/03
You or your partner earned £6000 plus in the year 2002/03 tax year

You are eligble for the £1040 allowance if you can answer yes to all four above
One of your children was born between 6th April 02 and 5th April 03

If you call the HMRC on 0845 302 1437 and ask if you have received this allowance and they will let you know what to do if you haven’t.

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  1. Is this address in the entitlements agency in cheshire?

    I think that they if I got the right site they are going to be charging £94 admin and processing fees = cheeky things!!!

    Thanks for the advice though but doesnt it make you mad that they just dont give it to the families without having to go through all this rigmarole.


  2. Hi Karen,

    They want to charge how much?? I’m phoning the tax office tomorrow so I’ll report back and let you know the score. I’m irate about it as I had my little girl in March 2003 and I must have spoken to the tax office about 7 times that year about maternity pay and all that and it never got mentioned once!! Grrrrrr!! I’ll let you know how it goes!.


  3. this was the website that I went on – is it a bonafida site? certainely looks like it is. …. I shall wait with interest for your reply tomorrow.

    Like I said they should just give it back…it absolutely sucks doesnt it especially when you’ve been in touch so many times…


  4. Hi Karen,

    No that’s not the legit government site, they always end in and there is a mention of debt management (evil wotsits!)

    I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m with you they should just give it to you without all this grief!.


  5. Ok that was easy, phone the number of the HMRC with your NI and your partner’s NI details. They’ll look and see if you’ve had it and if not you can download the 11CTC form from the website and then send it to the tax office they tell you to.

    But there is no charge and you can do it yourself, so give them a call 🙂

  6. eventually got through only to be told that they cant look at hubbys details and tell me if he/we are eligible, data protection and all that so I have to download that form and send it off.

    Fingers crosssed then…

    ttfn Karen

    Ps thanks for the info

  7. Good luck Karen, I’m sure your going to be eligible for it. I’ve spoken to loads of people about it and it sounds like no one received it!

  8. Ha just my luck – the printer has decided that it doesnt want to play and refuses to print out the forms for me. Looks like I will just have to write a letter with all the details….never mind….


  9. HI, I’m glad I spotted your post thanks!.
    I’ve tried to get through on the phone line but it talks at you for a minute and then cuts you off!
    I’ll keep trying tho’ and I’m going to tell various people about it and see what happens.

    It is ridiculous though that you have to claim something like that – it should be automatic

  10. Good luck Jane! It did take a while to get through, you could try your tax office I guess? I know it’s so annoying we have to apply for it when it should be automatic, the other way round and they’d want it like a shot!

  11. Hi,

    I have just contacted my local HMRC office about this and am entitled to this amount as didnt claim back then, have downloaded the forms and they are really simple to complete, anyone that was thinking of claiming through various agencies that charge i.e. then entitlements agency, AVS etc. – there is no need.

    does anyone know if we are paid this amount in a lump some or if our tax code is adjusted accordingly,



    1. I think they just re-adjust your tax code and you get it back that way. But I could be wrong as they’ve not sorted mine out yet. Glad it was of some help and you found it easy enough to sort it with the tax office and not have to pay an agency to do it ( I think it’s really bad they are advertising when it’s really free!)



    I reckon I am seriously eligible so the claim process starts tomorrow with a call to HMRC and a direct claim no agencies for me, the form looks really easy to complete.

    Good posts with good info, thanks again, I learned a lot here.