Christmas Pudding

Now is the time to be making Christmas Pudding (Plum Pudding) or so my mother tells me!. She’s just made puddings for the whole family and all her friends, she’s just the best at making them, which saves me a Christmas job.Β  However it does mean that I don’t get to stir the pudding and make a wish, or add the silver penny for luck.Β  Yes I know I’m 36, but it’s still one of my favourite Christmas traditions πŸ™‚

My Mum uses this recipe from Delia Smith

But here are some alternatives I’ve found which aren’t as traditional but sound equally yummy

Christmas Pudding and Chocolate Cheesecake

Wheat and Dairy Free Christmas Pudding

Melting Chocolate Puddings

Iced Christmas Pudding

I’m still trying to decide which one to try this year, they all look good!

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  1. Great to see a wheat free version -I can’t eat wheat and usually struggle through Christmas and most other times with people generally thinking all I can eat is plain salad..

  2. How awful! People really don’t think sometimes do they? One of our friends is allergic to wheat, nuts, seafood, eggs to the point he has to carry an epi-pen. So maybe I’m used to coming up with alternative recipe’s?. I hope you enjoy the wheat free version!

  3. Ohhh….this totally reminds me of my grandma! She would start the plum pudding process about this time each year — there would be a whole assembly line of little green bowls she’d use as molds. I was in charge of helping stuff the bowls prior to boil, and then wrapping the finished products. And there were MANY! She was a British ex-pat living in NY and she used to make them for all her little English friends in church. When we cleaned out her house a couple of years ago (she lived to be 97 — must be something good in the plum pudding! πŸ™‚ I took the little green bowls and a couple of old books I found. And…wouldn’t you know…I got home and the plum pudding recipe rolled out of one of the cookbooks…in her *mum’s* handwriting!! I treasure that little scrap of paper. πŸ™‚

  4. Laura! That is such a sweet story and I bet your Great Grandma’s recipe is amazing. Can you publish it? I bet it would be a hit πŸ™‚

  5. Okay, this is totally going to make me sound like an ignorant American, but I was never really sure what Christmas pudding was. I read a lot of British novels, and it’s frequently mentioned, but I wondered what it looked and tasted like. My idea of “pudding” is the chocolate stuff you make from a box on the stove top. I’m glad to finally see a photo and learn more about it!

  6. Julia – bless you, no I don’t think you’re ignorant it’s one of those ‘two countries seperated by a common language’ things. Pretty much everything here that is a desert is described by some people as a ‘pudding’ – it’s kind of an old fashioned word. Christmas Pudding is the original and best kind of pudding though πŸ™‚ I’ll do a post on Mince Pies this weekend, you’ll love those they are delicious despite the awful name πŸ™‚