Going Home

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This weekend we are going back to my hometown to visit friends who have recently had a baby girl and yes we have spoilt her rotten! ūüôā

It seems a little odd still calling¬†this place¬†home as I’ve been up here 7 years now, but this is the view I dream of.¬† Rolling hills, trees everywhere, so much green.¬† My favourite thing in the world as a child was¬†watching storms roll in across the valley.¬† It’s hard to believe this is 9 miles from London!

But this valley¬†is where I played¬†¬†when I was¬†Miss L’s age, in a time when you’re parents didn’t notice if you were gone from dawn till dusk and you could make forts where you wanted.¬† I’m so looking forward to taking Miss L there and showing her it.

I’m just sorry she’s¬†doesn’t ¬†have the same freedom I did, the world isn’t such a kind place 30 years later.

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I’ve been tagged!

The lovely RochelleRyan has tagged me to play this meme.¬† I love these because you get to know the bloggers you enjoy better and you get to see new blogs that you wouldn’t know were about.

So here’s the rules

  • list six details about myself
  • tag six fellow bloggers
  • leave them a comment so they know they‚Äôve been tagged.

Six details about myself:

1.¬† My degree was a dual honours English and History BA, but I’ve always worked in IT!¬† It looks very strange on my resume and I always get questions from potential employers as to why I did that degree.¬† They seem to think it’s weird that I enjoyed the subject!

2. When I was 25 I moved to Canada for 6 months on my own, no friends or family there Рjust me trying to live completely on my own with no support network.  I loved every minute and I had some great life experiences.

3. I can’t eat green vegetables, I love the smell but they make me vomit. Apparently even when I was a tiny baby that happened, my cousin and grandfather had the same problem – I come from an odd family :).

4. I moved 100 miles (a long way in the UK!) to live with my husband.

5. I adored Moonlighting when I was a kid and even now the odd ‘Great googly moogly’ drops into my conversation ūüôā

6.¬† I’m a jeans, t-shirts and trainers (sneekers) girl, I’ve tried dressing up and I just can’t do it on a daily basis. But it is starting to seem weird to me that I’m going to be 40 in 3 years and I’ll still be dressing like a teenage skater kid….there is probably something wrong with that but I can’t see it – LOL!

I’m tagging these wonderful blogs, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Janet @ JansGems





Jody@Jody’s Cottage

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Random Mutterings

Wow it’s been a week since I last posted!¬† My new job went well (thanks for the kind words of support!) and then it got to the weekend and Miss L and I both went down with winter vomiting virus.¬† Honestly I think we both just curled up in a ball together and slept, it was horrible!!¬† But we’re both better today thankfully and I’m about 7lbs lighter so it’s not all bad ūüôā .

So here is some quick Link Love of things I read when I was ill (bless my iPhone).

Hosting Overnight Guests from Simple Mom

Make Skype calls on your iPhone from Life Hacker

Selling your home by using a blog from Nesting Place

Also I watched the first episode of Fringe last night and it was really very good.¬† I think that I’m still missing the X-Files so that may have had something to do with it, that and Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek was in it!¬† But I’m very much looking forward to watcing the rest of the series it looks like it could be interesting.

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