First London Trip

Miss L & Liz on the Embankment
Miss L & Liz on the Embankment

We took Miss L on her first trip to London today.  I would have gone sooner, but the thought of trying to cart a pushchair around on buses and the tube just put me off totally. However now she’s 5 and has walked all over Vancouver and Disneyland Paris, I thought it was time to see the city of her foremothers.   Part of my family go back over 10 generations in London and I born and raised there until I was a little older than Miss L, and I wanted her to experience it.

The London Eye
The London Eye

So we went to the London Eye, Paul and I have been on it a couple of times in the past and it was pretty good which is why we went back.  Now maybe that was a happy memory?  This was so badly organised this time that frankly I’d advise any tourists to steer well clear.  I ordered our tickets last night and it was £36 for the three of us to go on it.  But when we got there the queues to pick up even the pre-ordered tickets went round the block and there were only 2 automated machines working which held everything up.  We then had to queue for nearly an hour (badly signed and run) to get onto the Eye.  Miss L was pretty good, but you can imagine younger children were finding it quite tough.

But I have to say the view from the Eye cannot be paralleled, even if my beloved daughter was more interested in the view of the river from high up! But sadly it took so long to get on there we didn’t get to the Science Museum which we were looking forward to, but we can go back another day.  But we did have a look around the Kings Road shops ( I love them!!) and I’ll blog more about the wonderful things I spotted in another post.

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  1. I’ve only been to London once, back when I was sixteen, but I don’t think I was nearly able enough to appreciate it then. This makes me want to visit as a grown-up! My husband was born there and I majored in British literature and history in university, and it would be so wonderful to take in the sites with that extra layer of appreciation. Perhaps we can hope for a future post on your ‘must see’ London attractions? 🙂

  2. I remember going to London when I was very young and my biggest impression was the sheer size of everything. And then I went there as an adult and realised that I didn’t know the half of it!

  3. How fun! I haven’t been to London since 2001 when we took our then-6 yr old son with us. He loved it and still talks about it all these years later. This makes me want to go back and take Lily to see it now. -Julia