Cracked MacBook Casing

Last night I had a disaster. I was typing away when suddenly my wrist hurt like it was scratched.  Thinking that it was a little odd, I looked down and my MacBook casing has completely split for no reason.

Cracked MacBook
Cracked MacBook

I’m furious it’s only 14 months old, so out of warranty.  I spoke to my friend Patricia who had the same problem a couple of years back and Apple apparently wanted $600 to re case it.  Which probably means that it’s £600 here!    I’m going to take it to the Mac Store and see what they say, but if that is the case then I’d rather tape up this one up and save up for one of these as it’s aluminium then there is less of a chance of it cracking.

New MacBook
New MacBook
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  1. Hi Liz,
    Sorry to hear about your Macbook. I have one too, so I especially feel for you =(.
    Recently I was looking online for Macbook covers/ skins and came upon this site The cases are about $49.99 which sounds better than the $600 replacement part. There are a variety of colors to choose from. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Liz,
    If this is the 5th comment you get from me sorry. I’m having trouble leaving a comment on this post. But I wanted to mention a site to you called Speck. They sell covers/skins that protect Macbooks. The covers come in various colors and cost around $49.00. You can also find these covers at the Apple website. I feel for you and your Macbook, I have one too =( .

  3. Hi Rochelle,

    Sorry it all got caught in my over zealous spam filter. I’ve just looked at them and I am totally in love with the red one 🙂 Thanks sooooo much!! I’m going to order one next week on pay day 🙂

    Liz x