Children’s Room Organisation

At the moment Miss L’ room looks like someone has thrown everything she owns up in the air and let it land where it may.

Miss L's Room looking tidy!
Miss L's Room Looking Tidy

We’ve gotten caught in an in between age. Her bedroom still has her baby chest of drawers which isn’t really large enough, no wardrobe because well baby clothes don’t need hanging up, a small bookcase which is now overflowing and a rocking chair that just gets clothes thrown at it.

She has nowhere really to keep toys that she can actually get to, nowhere to display precious things made at school or to hang up artwork or invitations.  So we are going to sort it out this coming couple of weeks of half term.

So I’ve ordered from Ikea an Expedia and Billy Bookcases

They should take up one wall and then we can orgainise toys into boxes and make them more accessible for her.  Then we can fill up the Billy Bookcase with all her books, we have literally about a hundred books to house.

I’m debating on a redecoration, but that might have to wait a bit?.  However the pine furniture in her room is now going a bit orange so maybe it could do with a lick of paint, I just can’t decide. But once it’s looking even a little tidier then I can start thinking about phase 2 clothes storage…..

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  1. Lily’s room looks adorable. Great storage ideas, I love the Billy bookcases.

    …and your new banner is great! I love the little spider.

  2. I love the flags you have going across her room. The fabric is just perfect! Yes, storage….little ones have so much, yet they need it all accessible or it won’t get used. Books, we love books. They are everywhere in our house, in bookcases, stacked on tables and desks and on the floor. The storage in Lily’s room will be perfect for her. Have a great weekend.
    ~ Corinne

  3. Hey x

    Janet – I’m glad you like the banner, it was fun making it 🙂

    Corinne – I love the bunting in Lily’s room, I’m tempted to get some more – it’s addicitive. I know what you mean about books, we’ve ordered a couple of bookcases for Paul’s office as well as we seem to have books everywhere! Hopefully the new cases should get them under control…for now 🙂

  4. What a sweet room she has—perfect for daydreams and tea parties! I love the expedia bookcase from ikea- the square grid of it has such appealing graphic lines…just looking at it makes me feel more organized! Did you get it in white as in the picture? The combo of a white bookshelf with the pink tones already in her room would be perfect.

  5. IKEA is the best place to buy things to organize kids’ rooms. I love the expedia you choose. You have so many options to decorate and organize with the separate shelves. My daughter Maddie loves to do arts and crafts, but all that stuff gets messy. So I put her “art tools” in wicker baskets on her shelf, that way its accessible to her but I don’t see the mess..p.s. I love your banner, did you create that yourself?

  6. Hey!

    Anne – I did buy them in white as I thought it would go with the pink and any other colour she decides on in the next 5-6 years. I can’t wait to see them now.

    Corinne – I’m with you on the books, Lily often forgoes toys so she can have 2 books instead, which is of course why we have so many 🙂

    Rochelle – I like the idea of wicker baskets, I could line them with some oilcloth for art stuff. Great idea 🙂

    I’m so pleased you all liked my banner, I popped it together this afternoon. Drop me a mail if any of you want a banner I love making them!