Tropical English Country Garden

So my wonderful, yet slightly crazy best friend Patricia lives in Miami but wants and English garden feel to her front yard.  First I laughed and now I have to take it all back 🙂

It turns out she can grow pretty much what I can.  British Summers have gotten much hotter and we’re not allowed to uses hoses *AT ALL* so we’ve adapted.

So here’s the list of plants that you can grow in a very hot climate – who knew?

Roses (yea!) David Austin now sells in the US and he has some recommendations for zone 9 & 10

DayLilies – all good for zones 3-9




Buddelia (The Butterflybush) – totally indestructable!





Canna Miss L’s


So basically all you need to do is clear the space, add some good soil, a TON of mulch and some more mulch and then add the plants, watering them in thoroughly.  Make sure the plants are watered regularly for the first couple of months (so plant in the autumn/winter in Florida as it’s that much cooler) and you should end up with something like this….

Or you can fly me over and I’ll do it 😉

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  1. I started a garden about 5 years ago and seem to be doing okay- if the critters would just leave it alone- great list of plants- I’m going to try and use more mulch.